Introducing Evopass

Introducing Evopass. The evolution of digital tickets.

Evopass is a move away from TicketChain, a move away from Blockchain and a move towards ticketing transparency and secure ticket resale.

The evolution of digital tickets is rooted in the ability to have secure, transferable tickets cached to your mobile device. No longer is an internet connection needed at the venue to access your ticket. No longer do secondary market purchases contain uncertainty or risk. Now, simply buy through verified mobile devices and relist at set prices if required.

Our social channels have been crying out for fair play in the ticketing sphere for some time now. We have watched as touts have made extortionate amounts at the expense of genuine fans. This is where our model triumphs. Evopass provides exactly this solution: enabling artists, venues and events to control their primary and secondary ticketing markets, through an all encompassing licensed API.

Evopass evokes change. Evopass evolves ticketing. Evopass enforces security.


A re-brand was needed to better align with our mission and product, and there are a few lessons to learn from our experiences. Advice from us: be aware of the ties made between product and brand when naming your business. The relationship between these two elements isn’t necessarily cohesive to the results you are looking to achieve, and can sometimes act as a distraction for potential clients. A generic or less tech-linked name can often be just as appropriate and leaves room for changing business scope and focus in the future.

At many occasions in the past people approached us purely on the basis of the “chain” within our name, assuming blockchain technology was still our primary focus. In hindsight this was both a blessing and a curse. The timing for us as a blockchain enterprise meant we were relatively early adopters of the technology, thus became thought-leadership mentors in the space. We have since spoken at many talks and events in the blockchain space, and even organised panel discussions of our own.

From a branding and publications perspective this was fantastic at the time, but now that our operations have changed direction, this leads to many conversations explaining the meaning and reasoning for being a “post-blockchain” company. This is indeed the title of our next blog post so stay tuned for this!


Evopass as a brand was created to illustrate how technology can be harnessed to improve the way tickets are bought, sold and deployed. This is not limited just to live event tickets, we see our technology being applied across a whole range of ticketing verticals focusing on usability and a simple on-boarding process.

In doing so, Evopass aligns itself with current and proposed ticketing legislation across several European countries, including Ireland. The timing is now. As digital and e-tickets are becoming increasing popular, Evopass looks to set the benchmark for compliance, efficiency and transparency. The purpose? To eradicate fraud and touting and maximise user insights.

Welcome to Evopass. Welcome to the future of digital ticketing.