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A fashion photography website for Elizaveta Porodina

Our design team continuously strives to develop, grow, and be ready to change. We are constantly learning and trying new things. In 2020, we decided to create the concept of a personal website for an individual who inspired us —a widely-known fashion photographer Elizaveta Porodina.

Elizaveta has worked with Vogue, The Cut, and GQ and has exhibited in Vienna, Berlin, and Munich. The media calls her talented and her work amazing. Her education as a clinical psychologist helps her to develop a close connection with models and get impressive results.

The website was meant to become the perfect business card and accomplish two tasks:

  • present the photographer to agents and future clients
  • portray her view of the work, to accurately convey the style

So, we needed to create a professional photography portfolio website that showcased Elizaveta’s work and clearly represented her vision and style. Elizaveta had clear ideas of what the photography website should look like. She did not want there to be any text about her, extensive captions for images, filters, or parameters — only the display of her view of things. So that a potential client could easily visualize the final result of their task done in her style.

View the website and read the details in our case study.



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