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How to deal with technical debt and SOS situations in a digital product

Sometimes, customers come to Evrone for rescue because their product works poorly or not at all, mistakes have been made in the software architecture, or business performance is suffering. When this happens, we have to do serious work on refactoring, legacy reworking, and technical debt analysis.

Management for the project “Let’s Eat at Home!” contacted us because their website had begun to crash under the current loads. In the future, this could lead to an outflow of regular users, so it required an urgent solution.

We decided to redo the entire backend of the project, because even quick-fix solutions would only add another six months to a year to the project’s functional lifespan. To speed up loading and improve reliability, we reworked the caching scheme, worked on the Rails code optimization, and improved image loading. We also added protection against malicious attacks.




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