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Open-source for supercomputers

In 2009 the Computing Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University launched its supercomputer Lomonosov, which by mid-2011 ranked 13th in the global supercomputer ranking. Known as Octoshell, its access control management system was developed by Evrone.

What is the access control system?

The main idea behind an access system was to make Octoshell compatible with any supercomputer worldwide, irrelevant of whether it’s a school, an institution, or a company. This required a modular structure.

Modular means flexible. In order to deliver the modular design, we’ve decided to go with Rails engines, the foundation of any Rails project. The engine is a standalone library that can be of a ruby gem format and work with the main application.

The basic app offers fundamental functions such as user profile, grouping users according to access rights, and granting rights to perform tasks. The rest of it is modular. Octoshell is a JRuby program, as supercomputers multitask a lot. Regular Ruby is poorly scalable to all processor cores, whereas JRuby utilizes all available processors equally.

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