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Supporting a monolithic backend for video streaming

The M3 company, which is part of the NMG, develops the More.tv and CTC online cinemas, as well as the websites of the group’s TV channels. Evrone maintains and develops the platform through which all video content enters these products — the hardware and software complex (HSC). We write the code and advise the client’s partners on the server side of the project.

The software part is needed so that videos for different broadcast channels can get there in the desired format, with specific encoding and additional service information. They can also use the administration panel to manage advertising on the channel websites. So, the HSC is vital for the holding’s business tasks, and it must run smoothly.

We partnered with M3 when they were looking for a technical team that could handle the revamping of their Videomore product into a streaming platform like Netflix. At that time, it didn’t meet the user requirements for streaming services. So, we decided to create a new More.tv service, based on their current product.




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