You’re not scared of the unknown, you’re scared of what’s already happened.

All those old stories we tell ourselves that keep us from doing more things that would fill our hearts—yeah time to let ’em go.

We all have them. Some have more than others. Some are more devastating to the soul than others. But whether you were abused as a child, neglected, terrorized, bullied, abandoned by someone you loved or any manner of tragedy or sorrow, YOU HAVE TO STOP TELLING THE STORY.

You don’t need it any more. You don’t. And until you let it go, you won’t be free. Free to be your authentic self. Your joyful self. Your God-given, right-to-be-here self.

Let go and leap. Live NOW. You’re enough. You matter. And your life is calling.


You overcome the fear and the momentum of the past. Any time you feel the fear is trying to stop you, you MUST reprogram your amygdala (that little beast of a reptilian brain part) to get over it. And that’s all it is. Your brain learned how to help you survive, but now you are safe. (Here’s a great article about all this fear stuff.)

For me it has been a life’s journey to take little leaps. Leading up to my most recent leap three years ago of closing my successful marketing business to co-found a tech startup that helped nonprofits.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was out of my comfort zone big time. I felt stupid and squirmy and scared sh*tless. I knew nothing about startups. About tech platforms. About 4 entrepreneurs trying to be a team. (Ummm yeah, it isn’t easy.) About investors. About giving up a six-figure own-my-own-company paycheck for a startup salary.

I feel stronger than ever for it, though. I am ok with failure now. I am less scared of being uncomfortable and not knowing the answers. And I learned I can survive most anything. I also learned that how you are treated is in direct relationship to what you believe about yourself. (I eventually left the startup, which was another big leap into the unknown.)

So screw you fear. Take that amygdala.

Once you learn you can live through “scary” situations, your stories lose power. And you gain new life.

You know that saying: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Do it. And know what it means to be fully alive and fearless.