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Investing in Digital Tools & Upskilling Teams Most Effectively to Meet Public Sector Challenges Head On

An investment of Confidence.

  • Program with someone that used to code. They have a magic wand and we want to put it to use… so their boss empowers them to start building something that no one else understands.
  • Or, there’s some year end money, and that thing that’s been getting in our way is ripe for the picking. They want to hire a smarty pants to come build something in a month. That no one understands.
  • Or, a committee decides that we need a thing that uses some technology. The leaders offer a couple of people from their programs to make it happen from the side of the desk, which of course we understand to be magical and unending.
  • We can fear what will go wrong, or be propelled by what might go right.
  • We can fret our past mistakes, or see the opportunity for learning.
  • We might see roadblocks, or connections that can help remove them.
  • making the state of your knowledge open and visible, and
  • using tools that enable collaboration and real time feedback.
  1. Deploy real teams.
  2. Be honest about uncertainty.
  3. Don’t hesitate to collaborate.
  4. Make decisions we can learn from.



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Heather-Lynn Remacle

Slow to judge, quick to suppose: truth and alternatives I’m keen to expose. Open by default. How can I help?