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Your Career in Digital Government — Next Steps

WOW! We are so excited to see people’s interest in the topic of “Your Career in Digital Government,” presented by Talent Practice Lead, Dea De Jarisco. 240 people attended and 119 responded to the survey. We had to increase participant capacity beyond 100 people in the first two days, as we had a wait list right away.

We take this as a signal that the BC Public Service and our partners really see the value in advancing Digital Government.

We have recorded the webinar for those of you that could not make it.

Just a Start

The webinar on “Your Career in Digital Government” is really the start of a conversation. It was meant to validate what we’ve been hearing about interest in the topic, and to learn more about what we should offer. Now we have confirmation and are looking forward to delivering more webinars about digital talent that suit your needs and interests.

As mentioned in the webinar, Digital Government will require new skills, knowledge, and abilities in the public sector. Digital talent includes a number of existing and new roles for the BC Government.

For example, there is a specific job stream for Data Science roles, which are increasingly in demand. You can find job descriptions in the internal BC Government Job Store (internal) under “Data Science” or in job postings from time to time. However, it’s not easy to know when to consider hiring these roles for your organization. Or, if that kind of work might suit your future career path. We’ll host a session on this in the fall.

If you are an internal employee, before we discuss these and other roles with you in the future, take some time to explore the “Digital Talent” job descriptions under the “Corporate Job Streams” heading in the job store. We have more work to do to build guidance on:

  • how to attract and retain this kind of talent;
  • what kinds of organizational structures and cultures create and sustain high performing Agile teams; and
  • ways to develop your digital skills and competencies.

Dea is building a Community of Practice for hiring managers on digital talent to help us with this. If you are already hiring Digital Talent or would like to know more about how to hire digital talent, connect with

Get Learning Now

To learn more about the framework and guidelines that shape Digital Government in British Columbia, check them out here: Digital Framework and Standards and Guides.

For those of you who are interested in low commitment but formal learning, we work with a variety of partners across government and beyond. Some options include:

Of course, there are many other organizations and institutions that offer courses, full programs, diplomas and degrees as well.

EXTRA resources to learn more about Agile team member roles:

We look forward to seeing you at the next webinar in this series. Stay tuned!

Author: Dea De Jarisco



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