IDEA: The Crypto to Chase in 2021 Exchange
Jan 15 · 4 min read

Take a deeper look at Ideaology’s IDEA Token, the Active IDEA platform, and why this is the company to watch this year!

If you’re a forward-thinking entrepreneur, freelancer, or project manager, we built IDEA Token for you to fund your business, invest in your future, and expand your offerings.

Fully integrated within the Active IDEA ecosystem, IDEA Token allows users to:

  • Offer or purchase products and services with a decentralized, secure, and transparent payment gateway
  • Hold the token to receive platform benefits such as a 50% discount on fees, integrated crowdfunding functionality, and voting privileges on platform-wide projects
  • Be an early investor in new projects as they make their way through the Active IDEA platform

A Platform For The Future

Ideaology’s Active IDEA platform is a self-contained, crypto-backed freelancing, and business development ecosystem built to host the future of collaborative commerce.

Developed to address the seismic shift towards decentralized, remote teams working collaboratively over vast distances, Active IDEA is a 21st-century answer to our 21st-century workplace.

Within the Active IDEA ecosystem, members from all over the world can work collaboratively to brainstorm, execute, and fund the next generation of business endeavors. Whether it’s scaling your business, enhancing your skills, or building a community of followers to propel your success, the Active IDEA platform was built for you.

At the core of this platform is the IDEA token. With the full power of the Active IDEA platform behind it, IDEA Token will develop and flourish along with the businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and stakeholders that fuel this next-generation digital ecosystem. With upcoming IEO rounds and expanding user adoption, IDEA Token’s transparent, decentralized architecture will be the engine of tomorrow’s digital innovations.

The Big Plan

With the upcoming launch of the Active IDEA platform, Ideaology aims to serve a wide array of digital businesses and entrepreneurs. The Active IDEA platform, and accompanying cryptocurrency wallet will be available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With IDEA Token’s debut on Exchange scheduled for January 26th, Ideaology CEO Khaled Alkalbani expressed optimism on the future of his company’s nascent currency.

“With Ideaology’s Active IDEA platform in the final stages of development, we feel the demand to list IDEA Token on one of the world’s leading exchanges in terms of popularity and traffic volume is the best strategy for our IEO. As a modern and innovative exchange, we believe can provide the marketing capabilities that IDEA needs to reach beyond our current estimated number of potential users.” — Ideaology CEO and co-founder, Khaled Alkalbani.

With Ideaology actively pursuing attracting 100,000 users by the end of 2021, initial forecasts call for increased demand and circulation of IDEA Token. Whether you are a freelancer, a startup, an enterprise, or a cryptocurrency investor, Ideaology welcomes you to the future of digital collaborations.

This year, partner with Ideaology and the IDEA Token to take your business and investments to the next level.2021 is upon us and here at Ideaology, we could not be more excited! After years of research and development, this January we are proud to announce the public sale and Initial Exchange Offering of IDEA Token on Exchange.

IDEA is a new purpose-built blockchain developed to usher in the next generation of digital currencies. Now available on Exchange, this feature-packed token was built to address the needs of the digital economy in which we now live.

Let’s take a look at how IDEA Token and the Active IDEA platform can be a part of your future success.

What is Active IDEA?

Built upon the technology that underpins the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, Active IDEA is an all-inclusive business development platform that will empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and project managers to take cutting-edge initiatives from ideation to all the way to fruition.

At the core of the Active IDEA platform is IDEA Token– an ERC-20 token built to fuel the innovation of tomorrow’s big ideas.

Join the AMA on Tuesday, January 19th at 17:00 UTC and find out more about Ideaology! Exchange Exchange