“Machine Learning” — History, its influence in Today’s World, Everyday Applications and Influence at Excrin

Machine Learning

1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is regarded as a sub-set of artificial intelligence. It is the method of data analysis which uses algorithms that iteratively learn from data which allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look. The Machine Learning has revolutionized the world of computers by allowing them to learn with large datasets which enables them to change, re-structure and optimize their algorithms by themselves.

This unique technology empowers Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in a wider range to assist in decision making occurrences.

“A Breakthrough in machine learning would be worth 10 Microsofts “
Bill Gates

2. Machine Learning Through a History of Development

The Machine Learning and its further development started in the 1950’s. Alan Turing an English computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher and theoretical biologist created the “Turing Test” to determine if a computer has real intelligence.

Turing Test

Turing Test: Test in which a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human being by using the replies to questions put to both.

No doubt that such kind of data analysis went through a series of experiments and developments.

3. Machine learning’s influence in today’s world

Robots Today

The finance industries in the world has historically used machine learning in consumer services such as credit checking and fraud investigation. But recently, with more accessibility to computing power and open source tools, the financial sector is using machine learning in applications ranging from loan approval and risk assessments, to asset management, etc.

Over the last six months, Google, Microsoft, and IBM have all announced a suite of “Intelligent APIs” that offer various types of image, video, speech, and text recognition. For instance, one can get all details in a photograph like “this photo shows a girl diving into a swimming pool with a cat aside”

Till now, Tesla has collected 780 million miles of driving data, and they’re adding another million every 10 hours.

These data are feed into Autopilot to assist driving programs to steer, change lanes, and avoid collisions using their ultrasonic sensors, radar, and cameras.

4. Influence of Machine learning in everyday life

· Google search engine.

· Self-driving Google car.

· Voice Assistants (Siri/Google NOW).

· Facebook’s PYMK (People You Might Know), Newsfeed, Face detection in photos.

· Online recommendations in sites like Amazon and Netflix which is based on our interest.

· To predict if an applicant is credit-worthy.

· To predict stock market shifts etc.,

5. Influence of Machine Learning at Excrin

Machine Learning at Excrin

At our work place we are currently working on an e-commerce portal which deals with buying of woman clothing with an upper hand on customizing the design on the cloth. Usually in the e-commerce sites, the related products will be listed based on the category of primary product in that corresponding page. So, in this arena we have employed the Machine Learning process
 instead of employing the traditional method, by this we are able to track the user’s behavior on various factors like gender, age, geographical location, previous purchases, frequency of access etc. We have also used Machine Learning to create a dynamic algorithm which eventually is based on these data to list the related products dynamically to serve each unique user in a better distinguished way.