Stop Living Outside of Your Potential

We have all seen it. Your know. That person that has so much potential, yet refuses to live up to it. We look at them and wonder why they just don’t get it together.

Ok, let me get you to stop your mind from wondering. Just look in the mirror. That is the person that I am talking about. Not only are many of you not even scratching the surface of your potential. You don’t even believe you deserve more. That is what is really scary.

You see, no matter your age, race, color, or religion, you were created to be happy. Let me say that again.


Now before you go into all the reasons why that is not possible, do me one favor. Just say this…

What if today I lived up to my fullest potential?

I mean you can simply imagine that right? So many people are unsatisfied with life. What if, just what if, instead of making excuses, you dare to live and dream bigger.

Mike Dooley has a saying, “thoughts become things.

What will you think about today?

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