Belief: a potent spell

Words of power

Belief is a word full of meaning.

Without it we can find ourselves bereft of motivation. With it we can make awful mistakes.

Belief is central to success and to failure.

Beliefs are not obvious. Some see them as emotionally entangled habits of thinking. Perhaps you think something habitually, such that you say it to yourself on the inside regularly: “This is for me.” “I can do this.” “This is not the real me.” “This is a poison chalice.” “This person is not going to fit in.” “We should be married.”

Such thoughts are powerful spells. Either they prime subconscious preferences, confirmation biases, perhaps they reflect them; probably they do both.

Their power is in priming our motivation and our choices, what to do and what to leave be.

Belief is crucial to achievement, and also sits at the heart of disempowerment in self, others, teams, organisations.

In the words of the long established aphorism about the power of habits of thinking, turning into action:

Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

Emotionally primed habits of thinking, connected to our biases, firing our motivation and action.

Choose your beliefs carefully, or they will choose your future for you.