Adding a Little Color

Who doesn’t like a little color in their life? We know we do. That’s why today we are releasing a small but colorful update to Exelare for Windows. When you login to Exelare next time, the difference should hopefully be clear. There are now color bars for each main entity tab (Companies, Contacts, Candidates, Jobs, Calendar & Sent Mails).

Additionally, when you open up a record for one of these entities, you will also see the color bar for that entity.

We hope this helps you out when jumping around Exelare all day. Adding a little color can help you quickly differentiate what type of record you are working on — especially if you have multiple records open at the same time.

PS — If you are a Premium Subscriber and want to add color to your database, just let us know. You can even customize the colors based on your own preferences! Just send an email to to get started.



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