New Features Released — Exelare For Windows 1.5

Bryan M. Wilson
Jun 23, 2016 · 2 min read

As always the developers are hard at work improving Exelare with new tweaks and features. This week we are excited to announce a few enhancements that you all have been asking for. One of them for a very long time now.

Set any Document as the Default Resume for a Candidate

From here on out, any document you have linked to your candidates in Exelare, can now very easily be set as the ‘Default’ resume for that candidate. This is very handy for quickly switching the resume you want to use ‘by default’ when submitting, searching & viewing resume previews inside the software. >Learn More

Send Calendar Invitations/Meeting Invites

What?! Yes! You can now send calendar invites to people directly from Exelare. The feature only works from the Calendar currently, but is very straightforward. Just follow the instructions in our Knowledge Base! >Learn More

Quick Find/Typing Navigation in Email Templates

For teams with large sets of email templates, it is now much easier to quickly find and use the template you are looking for. Just open the templates window, type a few letters, and boom, there’s your template! >Learn More

Bulk Import/Parse Resumes Directly from Exelare

In the past this feature has only been in our xBar/Outlook Plugin. We now allow users to process resumes in bulk directly from Exelare. We have also improved the tool quite a bit, with folder & subfolder options, plus a few other bells and whistles you are sure to love. >Learn More

We are hard at work on some other really cool features that have been requested in our Feedback Forums. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements soon. We hope these help in your never ending quest to place the best talent within your clients and companies!

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