Jun 20, 2017 · 3 min read

On Creating a Better Budgeting Experience!

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In our last article, The App for Better Spending, we wrote about how Exeq isn’t about showing you the places where you can spend within your budget, it’s about showing you the places where you should spend — where you’ll get the best experience for the best price, and not break the bank.

After receiving a lot of feedback on the article, there’s one question that keeps coming up:

“So… how are you different from Mint? 🌿 ”

This is a question we get a lot at Exeq.

For those unfamiliar, Mint is the dominating budgeting app and has been for the last 11 years. It’s pretty remarkable that in the 11 years since Mint launched no ones been able to overtake the budgeting space with a newer and sharper product.

Enter… Exeq.

Exeq is a different and new type of personal finance app. It’s not a budgeting app, so much as it’s a spending app.

With Exeq, you better your spending in 4 experiential steps:

1) You set a weekly spend limit.

2) Exeq sends you notifications that keep you in the loop in terms of how you’re doing in sticking to that magic number. We strongly believe in a no surprises policy when it comes to the 💰 in the bank.

3) Exeq shows you how you’ve been spending, telling you exactly how much you can spend throughout the week in order to meet that weekly spend, and where you should do it.

4) Exeq focuses on giving you the info that matters on the places where you choose to spend your money.

With Exeq, see your:

Average spend wherever you shop, the amount of times you’ve been somewhere, and quick descriptions about the places where you spend your money.

Love a place? ❤️

React to it or tag a friend and get them involved in the fun.

At Exeq, we understand that money isn’t everything, but money matters.

Money is a means to an end to the lifestyles that we want to live, and so we focus on both sides of the coin — showing you how to stay within budget, and shop at the places you love to shop.

Theres a lot of other fun features that make the whole spending experience kickass, good for you and good for your wallet, but for those you’ll have to wait and see. 👀

Exeq is now on the app store! Check us out and tell us what you think. More amazing features are coming to help you budget better.

Download Exeq on the app store today by clicking this link!


The app for better spending.


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The Money App 🤑



The app for better spending.

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