Nov 2, 2017 · 2 min read

Social Shopping, Easy Budgeting.

Today, the Exeq team is excited to launch our newest feature: Loop.

📱Check out Loop and Exeq on the App Store! Download Exeq here today📱

At Exeq, we want to change the relationship we have to how we spend, where we spend, and what we’re spending on.

So with Loop, we’ve created a social network around the day to day transactions that make up our lives.

Find the places that are trending in your area, powered by NYC’s local spending data.

React to the places that you want to share with your friends in your Loop Feed.

Get helpful notifications that revolve around your spending habits.

(Of course, your spending is totally private unless you choose to add a reaction to the places you ❤️ or 💔)

Loop is the next step in reimagining the way people spend — continuing on our path to make spending: data-driven and social.

Coming up, we’re working on amazing budgeting features, and on new ways to make our money connect us and the places we shop it in new, refreshing and efficient ways.

Exeq’s long term goal has always been to change how the world spends by connecting consumers and merchants, and today we’re taking a massive step in that direction!

As always we’re hosting focus groups in our office for anyone who wants to come hang, discuss the product, and give us your invaluable feedback!

Til next launch,

The Exeq Team

📱Check out Exeq on the App Store! Download Exeq today here📱


The app for better spending.


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The app for better spending.

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