Alexander Rahmani
Apr 25, 2017 · 2 min read

I spent a few years at NYU’s Stern School of Business studying finance, accounting, and math. My whole life I’d loved numbers: Making them work, understanding them, and focusing on what we can do with them.

At Exeq for a long time we focused on the numbers.

  1. How could we give our users as much information as possible about their spending and unlock a more efficient financial future for them?
  2. How could we make the numbers work in our users’ favor? Was it automated savings? Automated Investments? Was it just basic budgeting?

We’d explored literally all options of how we could better personal finance — building product after product and testing it with the team.

Finally, we realized: It’s not all about the money you have in the bank but, rather, what you do with that money.

Living in New York, I’m sure we all have a similar process: we know roughly how much we’re spending every week, kind of how much we’re spending every month, and in the mean time, we try to save a bit of cash at the end of each month by spending a bit less than we make.

At least that’s the way most of us viewed our finances at Exeq.

And we realized, that works.

What doesn’t is the way we understand our spending.

Money isn’t just about that number you’re allowed to spend every month, and money isn’t just about making sure that there’s whatever amount left over by month’s end.

Money is also very much about experiences.

I’m happy spending an extra dollar for almond butter on my acai bowl (Shout out Pure Green). I’m happy to go out to interesting places to eat and experience different cuisines. And money let’s me do all of that, if it’s spent properly.

So: we decided to focus on the relationship between our lifestyles and our spending. We wanted to make a product to help us spend better and smarter, and experience more with the money we do have.

With Exeq, you’ll see how money isn’t all about numbers, it’s actually about the awesome, interesting things you can do with it.

-Alex Rahmani


The app for better spending.

Alexander Rahmani

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The app for better spending.

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