Tomer Ben-David
Feb 16, 2018 · 1 min read

Here at Exeq, we take pride in our awesome user base. Here’s what you’ve taught us!

After running an amazing beta in NYC — we learned a lot about the habits of millennials and what makes them tick when it comes to the way they manage their money and the way they use apps.

With Exeq v2, we focused in on the things that users requested the most:

1) A more detailed approach to categorized spending that helps us figure out where our money is going month to month.

2) A cleaner user interface that makes things simple and fun.

3) A focus on adding more social features to Exeq so that we can show our friends how much we love the places they’re sharing.

4) Even more features coming soon! 😉

We’ve also launched a new website with a cleaner aesthetic, and we’re excited for our national launch coming soon!

Thank you to our beta users for helping us build the future of personal finance for our generation! 💜💜💜

With love as always,

The Exeq Team

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The app for better spending.

Tomer Ben-David

Written by

co-founder @ Exeq.



The app for better spending.

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