Tomer Ben-David
Nov 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Worth It ❤️️ Not Worth It? 💔 and a new way to view your Spending! 📝

We’re super excited to announce the launch of two new features on Exeq, Worth It / Not Worth It and a new way to view your feed in list format!

Worth It or Not?

Some people spend $3 on a cup of coffee and it’s their favorite moment of the day.

Some people spend $200 on a fancy dinner for their birthday enjoying dining with family and friends.

Some people buy rare magazines, others sushi, others Harry’s Razors, and others bodega coffee.

The ultimate question when we spend our hard earned money is:

Was it worth it or not worth it?

Duh. 🍕

With Exeq’s feature Worth It/Not Worth It, Exeq lets users vote on the places they spend money at to help everyone know whether places are worth it or not based on ratings from across the platform. Over time this will allow users to get tailored recommendations of better places to spend based on their taste and the places they deem worth it!

Not worth it. 💐🤧

The top 5 Rated Spots on Exeq right now:

👨‍🌾Trader Joes (83% ❤️ 17% 💔)

🔊Spotify (81% ❤️ 19%💔)

🌲Amazon (64% ❤️36% 💔)

🚗Lyft (55%❤️ 45%💔)

☕Starbucks (50 %❤️ 50%💔)

Obviously, there’s a lot of love for Trader Joes and Spotify. As expected, Lyft overtakes Uber in the Worth It / Not Worth It debate, and surprisingly, Starbucks is lukewarm as we approach PSL season.

Start adding your votes to your favorite places and let’s help everyone #Spend Better!

New Views

A feature that’s been highly requested- we’re super pleased to launch a new, clearer way to view your transactions! Pick between tile format or list view for your Feed and watch your transactions rearrange magically ✨

Easily experience a new way to view your transactions from Feed! 🔲
Easy Money. We’ve designed the new list view to be as clear as possible for the info you need! 🤓

Check out how much you’re spending every week easily from Feed or dive into Recap for a more in depth look!

That’s all from us for now folks! Even more new features and exciting news on the way! Tell your friends about Exeq and let’s all #SpendBetter. 💚

Download Exeq today and see the spots that are worth your time and $, and check out deals at some of NYC’s hottest spots at 📲💚


The app for better spending.

Tomer Ben-David

Written by

co-founder @ Exeq.



The app for better spending.

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