Jun 13, 2017 · 2 min read

Made in NYC. For Millennials. By Millennials.

At Exeq, we understand that everyday life is filled with spending. 💸

Subways, Lyfts, coffee, lunch, groceries, going out with friends — all these things seriously add up, especially living in New York City.

We also understand that no app is going to really change our lifestyles, but what an app can do is make sure that we’re spending in the best way possible, and getting the most bang for our buck.

So what does that mean?

Want to spend less and live more this month?

Exeq will help you get there, finding you the best places to spend for your specific budget, and sending you notifications to keep you on track.

Looking for a spot for tacos but don’t want to spend more than $15?

Exeq’s got you, and will let you know the average spend at all NYC 🌮 spots.

Want to tag friends to show them a new, kickass and affordable place to spend?

Tag them on Exeq to keep them in the loop!

So how are we building an app that’s supposed to better people’s finances and yet also show them other places they can spend?

Well, Exeq isn’t about showing you other places where you can spend, it’s about showing you the places where you should spend — where you’ll get the best experience for the best price.

As a generation, we’re known for valuing experiences over things — It’s important to us that we enjoy ourselves as a break from the hectic, upbeat tempo that is New York City.

Exeq is an app that’s meant to help you do just that.

Find those places that are right for both your lifestyle and your wallet, monitor your spending as you go, and enjoy yourself along the way!

Check us out at Exeq.com, join the over 22,000 people on our waitlist and be the first to hear about events on our rooftop in Soho and our NYC-only launch this summer! 🏙️ 🚀


The app for better spending.


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The Money App 🤑



The app for better spending.

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