Sep 12, 2017 · 2 min read

The Build Continues!

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First of all, thank you to all of our users from all of us at Exeq! Your feedback has been amazing in helping us build out a better product and continue to create a more fruitful financial future for our generation! 🍋

Budgeting is just step one!

New Features

Exeq is now working on a set of new features that our users will love. They’ll be coming out over the next couple of months!

a) Loop

Stay in the loop at a quick glance. See how you’re doing financially, and the places around you where your friends are spending.

Loop is currently being tested and should be launching soon!

b) Recap

Get deeper into the numbers that matter with categorized spending, insights into your spending patterns, and our take on a comprehensive spending insights platform for our users!

c) Discover

Discover is a feature that we’ve been building for a while! It allows our users to start finding places around them based on their budget and taste. It’s a data driven engine for personal spending recommendations!

Thank you to everyone helping us build out this future! We’re super excited to have you on board. Share Exeq with your friends, we promise it’s only getting better!

With love ❤️

🤑 The Exeq Team 🤑

Get Exeq on the app store here! 💥💥💥


The app for better spending.


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The Money App 🤑



The app for better spending.

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