Aug 1, 2017 · 3 min read

On Why We’re Launching Initially in New York Only.

Check us out at Exeq.com, join the over 33,000 people on our waitlist and be the first to hear about our NYC-only launch this summer! 🤑

“In New York, you pay for every block that you walk. 💸🚶”

If you live in New York, you know there’s definitely some truth to that statement. In a city where everyday we’re spending money simply to get around, pay rent, go to Trader Joes (if we’re being responsible), go out to eat (if we’re being less responsible) — it makes perfect sense to launch an app to change and better the way we spend.

When we were having discussions about where to launch Exeq, we had a lot of conversations about the culture of different places across America. Launching strictly in New York initially almost became a no-brainer for us. What stuck out most to the team was the sheer volume of spending that takes place here.

We all have long lists of transactions ranging from restaurants, to Duane Reade for the necessities, and Ubers when we feel like treating ourselves when we can’t deal with sitting on the subway after a long day at work. These experiences are all inherent to the day to day grind and hustle that is New York City.

Because in NYC, we work to live and pay to play. 💳

So, as a tech company, we thought long and hard about the massive amount of value we can build off of all the transactions happening at enormous scale within the few mile radius that is the City.

If New York loves Exeq, the app could facilitate and better so many parts of the spending experience:

  • Better deals based on the amount you spend at specific places.
  • Geolocation based promotional offers.
  • Smart, tailored recommendations that actually fit your taste based on your previous spending.

It also helped that we’re all New Yorkers who love NYC and all it has to offer.

Once we decided on NYC, the real work began. We started putting Exeq everywhere across the city, getting users on our Alpha, and sending the growth gang out to hit the streets and rack up signups.

With Exeq, you’ll be able to see all of your spending, set budgets, and react to the places you love or don’t.

And it doesn’t stop at launch this August; within the next 6 months we’ll be building better features, new products, and amazing experiences that all revolve around bettering the way we spend and the lifestyles we live.

Exeq is already planning our expansion into our next cities: LA, Miami, and Chicago, and we can’t wait to have NYC get it first.

Next month you’ll be seeing a lot of us around the city as we get closer to launch. Snap some pictures of our stickers, send them to us on Instagram, say “what up” to our ambassadors, or come drop by the office. We’re stoked to be here in NYC and to be in touch with all of our users.

See you guys soon!

For Better Spending,

🤑 The Exeq Team 🤑

Check us out at Exeq.com, join the over 33,000 people on our waitlist and be the first to hear about our NYC-only launch this summer! 🤑


The app for better spending.


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The Money App 🤑



The app for better spending.

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