How Does A Pedometer Work

As with the development of society, so is the case for people’s awareness of keeping healthy. And running has become one of the most popular and effective way of working out with its easy-to-access feature. And this in further propels the heat of pedometer, a device that collects working out data such as distance, calorie consumption etc. It’s a useful tool to trace your exercise data by assisting in making further physical evaluation.

Pedometers being used are basically electronic. They are mainly composed of two parts: vibration sensor and electronic counter. What is vibration sensor? In fact, it is a balance hammer which enables action of a contact point when its balance is broken in the upper and lower vibration. In this continuous movement, electronic counter will reveal and record the movement. As for other display of speed and consumed calorie, it’s completed by the circuit.

To be more specific, pedometer generally uses an accelerometer to sense external vibrations. During this process, with its specially designed circuit inside, sine wave currency will be generated due to the electromagnetic induction effect. By measuring the frequency of sine-wave like currency through innate set formula, the calculation of speed, distance and consumption of calories are achieved.

Due to people’s different walking habit and strides, there is also some difference in the outcome of data for individuals respectively. And during the process of walking or running, the gravity center of people will move up and down. Thus to ensure the most accurate accumulation, it’s suggested to hang the pedometer around the waist.

With the right accessory for working out, it will bring us lots of convenience. Next time before you hang out exercising, make sure you take one. It can be selected either from pedometer online shopping store or offline brick-and-mortar shop on the prerequisite that it enriches our working out experience.

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