Start designing your profession from who and what you are.

Floris Koot
Jun 19, 2016 · 25 min read

Each time new products, services and ideas start to influence the job market new jobs are invented. Which means you may see gaps you can jump in and add your own new job. Which is what I’ve done…a lot. Here is a list of all the job titles I’ve used once or more times and got paid for. Also a list of titles for our common future and other friends use, or I think might work (but don’t fit me). And, at the end, perhaps the most important: The five golden rules to a great Job Title.

Why is inventing a new job title totally cool? Smart entrepreneurs discover opportunities or new needs that innovations bring. You may not realize that jobs around game design, online security, web design, app design, bit coin banking could be younger than you are. But they’re here to stay, until AI and robots take those over and you have to evolve as well. :) You may also see gaps in society you could fill, needs you can help solve. Or I love this the most, look at who you are, what you do best and frame it in such a way, others will want to hire you. This last two approaches are part of the foundation of Knowmads Business School, (I helped found) that helps create professions that solves a problem, or reflects you best. A whole side study is how to get paid for your weaknesses. There’s always a place where your failings could be seen as the talent they just need. ;)

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Workshop for students in Vienna on inventing their own job.

Before this I studied theatre. I always believed I would find an safe job, and then stay doing that for 30 years or something. But that never happened. I started working together with a guy, with whom working together was so easy, we started just because of this co-creative chemistry. Only then we started planning what we could do together. We made theatre, television, and tried a lot of things, before we each went our separate ways. After that the longest I had a job was six years, and within that job I changed title regularly, as it also made bridges to different clients more smooth. For the rest I’ve been more or less an independent entrepreneur.

All the job titles listed below I’ve actually used; most even got paid for, at the least once. Others have served me for many years. I actually was stunned how many I’ve used and invented. That’s when I thought to make this list and turn it into a sport in itself.

Feel free to start using any of these titles if you think they fit you as well. The more common a name is, the more people accept the profession as normal part of society.

Job Titles I’ve used throughout my life.

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This is my professional life told in job titles. First phase, between end of my twenties and 40 (up to around number 26). This was also, in the beginning, a life of scraping by with what I could get as a job. I loved the variation however. I still am almost always enthusiast in an assignment, because it’s an opportunity to do something new, or I haven’t done in a while. The second phase is full of more conscious inventions of new job titles.

When I turned 40 I felt could permit myself to go wilder. The book ‘the Corporate Fool’ unleashed it a bit. Corporate Fool I only sold twice, and from then on I really started to play with job titles. Why choose and stick to one thing? Why not have it all? For a while I’d change my job title on linkedIn every month, just to see what would happen. Believe me, you may get taken a bit less serious (there’s always a price to pay) yet I got so much more variation in my work than many others, I wouldn’t like to miss it. And now there’s even a bigger call for generalists or polymaths (I never used that title I think).

You’ll be sure to find overlaps. That is, because I was improving titles on the go, or because I switched emphasis, not enough people liked it, or it didn’t attract fitting customers.

NB: As long lists can be quite boring, only read those you’re curious about. Job titles in Italic never sold anything. Those with an * I still use at times.

  1. Illustrator. Self developed this skill. Drew all my life. Then designed posters, illustrated texts and did some specific assignments like for a museum.
  2. D.J. Didn’t do it much or long, mostly for bare feet dancing evenings. Recently fell in at a festival for a few hours and (people) loved it, playing music from my phone.
  3. Art Teacher. Offered a course in cartoon drawing. Not too long ago a Graphic Harvesting studio hired me as guest teacher to help beginners overcoming fear of drawing and go for it. It was great fun.
  4. Cartoonist. Did a few commercial assignments and later a whole series for a homeless paper about Diogenes, one could claim a world famous homeless person as he lived in a barrel.
  5. Theatre maker. Made with a business partner several shows among which a comedy show and a children’s theatre show which toured the country. Every summer still make theatre at one or two festivals.
  6. Playwright/Screen Writer. I co-wrote several theatre plays and one television series for a Dutch television organization (KRO), which aired 11 episodes.
  7. Stage set designer. Did this only twice, once for lack of others and once because they wanted a very 2d cartoonish set, and I was the man for that.
  8. Improvisation actor*. Will still do it, once in a while, like improvised family shows on a theatre camping or festival as a kind of side thing. Also to keep up the skill and remember how it feels to do that on stage. Also because of the following 2 jobs.
  9. Actor in training*. This job is common in the Netherlands, in others not so much. You play difficult people, on which others test certain social skills. I got paid to be an asshole (yes!), obstructive teenager (I was little over 30 then), employees who get fired, drug addicts, hardheaded CEO’s and more. Did it regularly for over 12 years. Then focussed on other things, but recently I got hired again, and liked it.
  10. Theatre Sports trainer*. Did this for over 25 years. Often had at the least one, and once even three groups in training. My focus was actually to go beyond theatre sports and create evening filling improv theatre. Sometimes still get hired to give beginners workshops.
  11. Teacher in the dramatic arts* Mostly as guest lecturer and a few courses in schools. This is what I actually studied for.
  12. TV/movie actor*. Played in one tv-series, several short movies and one feature movie (scene got edited out :( ) and still will act at times in commercials.
  13. Photographer. Did a course in audiovisual teacher. It landed me a few photography assignments. I liked it, but never enough to pursue more.
  14. Game designer*. I started designing my own games for different purposes. Created about 60+ board games, but never sold one thus far. The practice however was a great preparation for the moment I became game designer for management role playing games. Now I am still designing board or card games and they start to be really good. Will hit the market soon. Also recently helped a few times out with the design of escape rooms. Also have hosted several workshops on the topic and hosted Game Storm sessions with organizations. Even was in on a few great projects for online games that would help people change the real world. Once hosted a weeklong brainstorm on the topic on Ibiza.
  15. Movie/TV item maker. Did a yearlong course in this and made a few weird items, that were not news enough. But the subjective playful approach of making got me the next job.
  16. Commercial writer & director. Made for a year commercials for a regional tv station, until the market collapsed and right at that moment was offered a creative full time job.
  17. Role play game designer. Got hired to design and write role playing games for managers on real world castles (a bit like LARP, but way more political). Did this work for 6 years, during which we twice won an event award. :)
  18. Role Play Game host*. A bit like acting in training, but then within whole groups all playing a role at the same time. Yes, I got paid to be king on a castle or godfather for large groups. Balancing structure, process of the event while maintaining a role is very daring. I loved it. It also makes me at ease with complex situations in groups and adaptive to new developments. At times I still get hired by this, and a similar company, to do free lance assignments.
  19. Event host*. Later also became event host of more normal events, or hosted processes for organizations. Hosted for instance 7 years the ‘Night of Architecture’ in Friesland. Because of my back ground mostly when playfulness, creativity and activation of the people are desired. Nowadays also more content or result driven.
  20. Project Manager. The event business where I worked changed my title and work to this one. They hoped it would improve sales. It didn’t and I am not good at this. Horrible.
  21. Performance/conceptual artist* At festivals, artist events, and a few times a street artist I came up with acts that were small adventures for me a my participants. At times I still run a ‘counter for life questions’, sometimes with me, sometimes with children behind the counter.
  22. Guest lecturer* By now I had done so much stuff sometimes school would hire me to do a guest lecture. Mostly theatre at first. Later Game design, Dialogue skills, Personal skills and some more. Recently at two universities on matters of education and personal development.
  23. Management trainer* From designing event and lots of experience with managers I started designing trainings. At first mostly on creativity. Later topics include storytelling, presentation skills, authentic leadership, social skills and more. One stands out: ‘The Way of the Fool’. (see further on). I always fear I should drop this name and idea, because it’s too crazy and then sell it to a bank in Vienna or the Netherlands. And it does help people out of the box, increases social skills, boosts creativity and is great fun.
  24. Workshop Giver* Sometimes this title works for trainer in non business situations.
  25. Architect. By this time I had done so many creative things, I looked at what I’d never done before and came up with architect. A friend of mine was one, so I asked if he would hire me. He wouldn’t. But we did enter a contest together and almost won. Would love to do it again.
  26. Corporate Fool. I actually still own this company called FoolService. Says the truth in organizations, reflects lack of smart thinking and acting and proofs different ways are possible, all with a sense of humour. The title was a little too out of the box. Everyone loved it, very few will hire one.
  27. CFO: Chief Fun Officer. When few people wanted to hire corporate fools, we tried CFO, which had a better corporate ring. I also used Chief Experience Officer, expert at creating experiences. Read the rest and you’ll find many examples of that.
  28. Organizational Libero. Person who can do whatever feels necessary to add to the organization. Has authority and passion to start contributing projects.
  29. Constructive disruptor. brings some healthy chaos to frozen habits to open up new possibilities and transformation. Funfact: my Maya star sign is Blue Electric Storm. Tagline of this sign is: “He who creates Chaos to make transformation possible.” And what seemed a weakness became a talent when helping companies break through frozen structures. :) I help companies and people get unstuck. Also Turbulator or Catalyst.
  30. Ontregelaar. (Like before, but for Dutch market) En precies daarvoor heb ik bij diverse vastgelopen bedrijven de boel mogen komen losgooien.
  31. Team Coach. For Kaospilots Denmark. Got fired after three months, on the best of terms, and then helped co-found Kaospilots Netherlands.
  32. Educational Innovator*. Co-founded three schools, of which one survives to this day: Knowmads. Also helped very much with the curriculum design. As change speeds up, schools will need people who keep developing learning tools that meet that change.
  33. Entrepreneurship Trainer. Got hired to teach artists to train their entrepreneurship skills, so they could start living from their talent. Concepting new job titles for them was part of the work. :)
  34. Tribe Leader. At Knowmads business school. In networks they are the ones that take or get ownership of an initiative. They actively strengthen/coach the tribe. This job soon changed, for me (others still use this title) to:
  35. Tribal Wizard*. The ‘out of the box’ teacher/philosopher/crazy lessons guy, helping you out of your box. It still feels as an honorary title given by my students. I even used it on LinkedIn.
  36. And now has changed to Elder, as on call coach of the education as a whole & students who request it.
  37. Festival designer*. Co-founded The Open Up festival. Advised several other little festivals with aspects as concept, process design, ritual design, side acts.
  38. (Festival) Announcer*. First as Open Up later also at Permanent Beta festival, and other places where it came in quite handy. I can reach 300 people without a mike. :)
  39. Festival Fool*. The crazy guy who makes you laugh at the festival and is allowed to do everything that seems fitting. May seem very free, is very very precise work, because you don’t want people to get upset, or feeling you only make fun of them. You have to be helpful for the whole. So I could do the Corporate Fool thing a bit.
  40. The Free Role*. When nobody took me serious enough as Festival Fool, I changed it to the Free Role. Same content, more being serious to make things happen that I feel are missing or need extra attention.
  41. Process Facilitator*. Since around 2003 I host at times events with World Cafe, Open Space technology or other tools to take steps. All the other jobs helped to feel free with any group and lead them with intuition. These methods help shape direction. Also Shift Facilitator, which puts more focus on effect.
  42. Meeting Conductor: awakens possibilities in other people and make their eyes shine. Worked especially well when I got hired to do Kick offs and get people active at the beginning of conferences.
  43. Experience Director: modern shaman who turns marketing or event wish in something clients and customers love to experience. The guy who invents the processes of the 2 previous job titles and helps others execute them.
  44. Job Crafter or Job Title Coach*: inventor of new jobs within & outside of organizations, mixes talent, passion, needs and context with new job potency. Well you are looking at the proof of this one. Though I admit, using fewer is smarter and more effective!
  45. Psychonaut: traveller of the possibilities of the mind. Trendy title I got as a gift, yet nobody got it, so I dropped it very fast.
  46. City Magician: in a world rampant on measurability (s)he’s the one who improves town with the immeasurable, invaluable and unnameable that make a difference. Also dropped. Had fans for this title, but also cities who thought it tooo far out of their box. Pity.
  47. Wizard of Change. makes change happen, because he’s out of the box and it works. Another collaboration with a great guy. We did some events, but it never flew high.
  48. Process Alchemist*. someone who can do magic with hosting and processes. Who can design and host processes that feel fluid and natural and lead to great results for organisations and communities. He has great understanding of the flow of processes and how people are influenced by them. Process facilitation mastery level.
  49. Emplayee. Poses as real employee, but has secret task to playfully bring fun en new ideas to work to invoke bottom up change. Fun idea, like Artist in Residence (which I’ve never been…yet), but once again, the idea didn’t reach people willing to hire one…yet.
  50. Nudger: someone who with little gestures, tips on the side and simple actions influences and steers processes and people in the right direction. Only used a few times, but as a talent or role in large (dialogue or Open Space) events, this is great.
  51. Mentor*: coach for students. The one who listens and has friendly advice when fitting. Now mentor some young people, on and off line in three countries (Pakistan, Philippines, Netherlands) whenever they ask for it.
  52. (Executive) Coach*. The executive in front makes it look cooler. From working with groups I now also have been asked to do several one on ones. Mostly on topics like creativity, personal freedom and presentation skills. Or conceptual starting up.
  53. CoCreation Guide*: specialist in co-creation or swarm leadership, or intelligent ant design. Makes leaderless working possible and fluid. This title was also given to me, by someone trying to frame what I was doing at that time.
  54. Idea Alchemist (or Cross Pollinator). A person that play or add value in any field by opening up to inner senses, knowledge and creative source. Cross pollinator and match maker of ideas and people.I do it a lot, yet getting paid for it is rare. It’s an add on to many other professions.
  55. Clarifier: Mirror and phraser of what other can’t seem to pinpoint yet is essential. More a role in dialogue circles or organizational processes. It helped me several times to not take the lead, when I wasn’t supposed to. As you see, I often worked with large groups.
  56. Talent Phraser: A job we all need to fulfil to help each other recognize the talents we have that are not acknowledged in educations or job descriptions. Almost the same as job title coach, but more fitting in a situation where people don’t know what they are good at, yet. Dropped it, because Tribal Wizard,Mentor and Coach overlap this one.
  57. Truth Sayer: Many consultants are hired for this part, to say aloud what the one who hires him doesn’t dare to say within the organization. Never sold it separately, but often is part of my work.
  58. Idea Sheppard: creates new possibilities by connecting ideas and paradigms in a new vibrant mix and herding them towards appropriate people. Worked well in conversations.
  59. Changemaker: people using the power of swarm, the speed of new media, social networks to move things that matter. Title used for our students at Knowmads, and of which I feel, I’m one too. The older version of this title is Social Activist.
  60. Swarm leader*: authentic person that attracts followers because of his personal outings (on the web) or his capability to phrase/voice universal emergent patterns, even though he doesn’t seek to lead, or his followers would do as he, or she, asked. It’s more a hidden role in networks. The more people choose to play it, the better a community or movement works. Host lectures and workshops on the topic. Which led to:
  61. Intensive Teacher. Hosted on festivals in Germany and Spain three day workshops on Large Group Improvisation for dancers/actors using Swarm Technology, and ‘the Way of the Fool’.
  62. Inner Space Enhancer or Personal Liberator. You are more free than you know and this profession helps you to get in that state of seeing way more options and possibilities.
  63. SOI Source of inspiration: you can’t choose this title. You’re either it, or not. Others decide. I got it as a gift as well. And I just love to be named one. Wouldn’t you?
  64. Creative (Concepter and or Director)*: someone who turns questions of people or organisation into realisable ideas. Also the guy who is free to ask any question to a CEO, because as Creative, well, you expect them to be a bit different.
  65. Society Artist. When you can make physical and musical art, why not use the society as a canvas and do conceptual stuff with the whole of society? Well, perhaps because not enough people get this one.
  66. MC*. Was for around six years MC (Master of Ceremony) at Stand Up Inspiration, a monthly kind of informal TEDx thing, before TEDx became a thing. Loved it. Back again in Stand Up Stories in Amersfoort.
  67. Activist Philosopher (One Man Think Tank*) The first of these was given to me by people in the audience at StandUpInspiration. Since I’ve had no formal training in it, yet feel confident in my storm of ideas, I came up with the second. I do brainstorm at times for/with people, yet to be hired under that second hasn’t happened yet. Also Pragmatic Philosopher.
  68. New Reality Maker: The one who dreams up new possibilities and then makes them happen. Or challenges the old so it breaks, conscious or by accident. Used it shortly.
  69. Layman*: most important innovations are done by a layman new to a field, someone who dares to question how things are done. The layman always looks with new eyes. This title gives me the courage to enter new fields, and take on jobs I’ve never done before. And true enough I can always bring something new.
  70. Piano Teacher*. Teaching piano as layman in music. Never got a lesson, but designed the Florissimo method that helps people freely improvise piano after one lesson. Even some professionals and experienced amateurs had breakthroughs. Do it at times over Skype or at peoples homes.
  71. Sports Innovator/Inventor. Yes, well, co-inventing one new sport (Switchball) that people who play it love, grants me the use of this title.
  72. Travel Guide. A few times a Dane asked me to tour a group of Danes through the Netherlands and visit trendy new companies and locations fitting to their profession.
  73. Social Inventor*: When you can invent schools, sports, games and jobs that unleash potential of young people, than this might sum it up. plays with culture, invents new celebrations, festival concepts and whatever makes the land more beautiful, moves people & gets them moving. Helped among others Stichting Wonder to come up with the Burgerbuddy (Civilian Buddy for politicians who don’t understand normal people any more).
  74. Piano Teacher*. I never had lessons, and played under 100 hours total I think. Yet I developed a method that teaches to improvise music on a piano in 15 minutes, The Florrisimo Method, which is even mentioned in a music teacher book in the Netherlands.
  75. Storyteller*. The gift of telling stories in front of an audience has intrigued me all my life. It helps me with public speaking, theatre and my understanding of what others go through when I coach peoples skills in this and presentation skills. Once in a while on a stage.
  76. Children Book Writer. Once you have unlocked your creativity, you can apply it in all fields. Like this one. A known Dutch author writer loved the style and story. It needed some work though he felt and I agree. So still editing, when I have time.
  77. Graphic Harvester. Did it only a few times. Probably too subjective to give objective reflections. The jokes in my pictures make up for that.
  78. Play Designer*: someone who makes an idea directly experiential in the here and now. Builds playfully on the experience, rather than plan. Developer through doing, not planning. Now use Play Design more as a method, if it fits, because of the next title.
  79. Play Engineer or Play Expert*. Specialist in the power of play, games, activating people and good at helping others to do the same. Wide knowledge of how to use play where, how and when; from educational purposes to event design and hosting. I use the term Play Design as an iterating from of development of projects through play.
  80. Perspective Shifter*: If you don’t like the way things are, change your mind. And then, if needed, find to how act from that. Recently made up specially for me by a student. Tested it on others and it really feels like a gift.
  81. Experience Designer. As creator of event processes and or games, this too has been an aspect of my work. Since the title is hot, I’ll use it too, but only in the social realm, not in the more common tech sense.
  82. (Key note) Speaker*: Yes, I do get asked more often to come and speak. Love to do it. Often seeking to include interaction bits. Strongest topics thus far include: Creativity, Swarm Leadership, Way of the Fool, Storytelling, Alternative Education, Making money with your Weaknesses, and How to start your job life out of the box.
  83. Icon/Logo Designer*. Recently helped with logo and icon design for a big project. Since I can’t use Adobe very well, it stayed with early design. The project, learning platform for self educators still needs to hit the market. Great fun though. Flourish Gaia’s logo is also mine.
  84. Tarot Master*. I mastered laying the cards (tarot with free cards) for people with questions, about 20 years ago. I taught myself and then had confirmation and some extra lessons by a Danish master, who also copied my deck.
  85. Ritual Guide*. At several festivals, Open Up, Permanent Beta & Happy Start Up Summer Camp and some extraordinary events I am asked to host/guide a ritual, often as a mix of kick off, shamanic rite of passage and installing basic principles as rules of engagement for the ‘tribe’ the event is for. I get everyone in a good mood and to know each other better.
  86. Storyteller. My preferred form is letting a member of the audience ask a big question and then answer with an improvised fairy tale, that offers a more ambiguous message, with some life lesson hidden in it. I also have always some Mulla Nasrudin teaching stories ready.
  87. Heyoka. The native American name for a tribal fool. This is the fool who brings balance to a community by cracking ego’s or showing absurdities in convictions. May even piss on a sacred fire to show: it’s also just a fire. It would be presumptuous to call myself this, but graciously accept when others do.
  88. Process Catalyst* or Connection Catalyst. Now that others know I do this I also accept some as gifts, like this one, awarded by Samir Lahiri. I helped speed up some processes with fun, sharp interventions, like energizing kick off’s. It’s me helping speeding up connective processes within people or in between them.
  89. Wedding Ceremony Leader. It’s ritual leader again, but now with a special focus, I have been asked to perform. It was lovely to do!
  90. Playologist. Given to me by Gealla Grace when active in San Francisco. She thought it stronger and better fitting than Play Engineer.
  91. Common Sense Scientist. Not a professional title, but a show that much of common sense is overlooked. Destroying nature? How much proof do you need to see that’s bad? Check it out here.
  92. Writer*. After 300+ blogposts and more writings to come.
  93. Perspective Activist or Mind Shift Mobilizer, the people who help shift perceptions of the masses to more sustainable modes of understanding.
  94. Radical Pedagog. Awarded by the book ‘Back to the Sandbox, art and radical pedagogy’ that let me write one page.
  95. Competitive Coach. Thought up by Charles Davies. You can hire us to battle each other at whose best at coaching your team. Fun guaranteed.
  96. Paradigm shifter*: okay, more or less similar to perspective shifter.
  97. Competitive Coach*. Invention together with Charles Davies. Who is best at coaching, in a live session on a stage.
  98. Creative Generalist*. There seems to be a shortage of generalists. Given all my previous explorations, I can say one thing, I am one of those for sure.
  99. Future Weaver. Sensing, seeing, envisioning patterns that might work better for people & organizations for a flourishing home planet.

And this number is not even milking it to the limits. I may have overlooked a few too, like those 5 paintings I sold, do they make me a painter too? Or the day I called myself Techno Shaman at an event and some people believed it? Or should I add all small jobs when I was really young, like being a fruit picker, mail man, flex worker before I studied? And blogger? How did I forget that one?

(Then a friend wrote these, guessing how many my total job titles would be. I made bold the ones I think I have used separately from connected titles, even though these titles are clearly his and not mine: “Business clown, tantra guru (I gave a few lessons, so guru would be overdoing it very much), knowmadic wizzard (note the double zz after Terry Pratchett’s Rincewind), game artist, professional dreamer, creative director, philosophical weirdo, weakness coach, showmaster, changemaker, educational innovator, model (what does that mean? what does he do?), storyteller, job inventor, senior fool, unsales expert and actor.” Zijnsverfijner. What? It’s Dutch and it means ‘He who refines being’. Awarded to me by Yvette van der Aa. Dwarsligger, Dutch, meaning Obstructor, in a constructive way, think Devil’s Advocate.

But there is no stopping, for any action done well, can be described as a job title. Shopper, Youtube watcher, home cook, stairs climber. ;) Oh my. I think it’s crazy too. But you, still reading this:

So, don’t never ever again think you can’t be more than you are now, or start doing other things. You can!

The list just slowly added up, until I noticed the pattern around 2004 and then speeded up. Now I see it as a game and I hope to reach a 101 (wow, I wrote that around 64 or so).

Other creative Job titles

Some titles I know friends invented and or use, or I helped invent as new job titles for others or titles I think the world needs (opportunities abound). The first 5 have been framed by Anneloes Smitsman in her work on the transition to a thriveable world:

  1. Wholeness Coder. They help generate thrivability from within the worlds and systems that are dying and falling away. They enable new possibilities from our future to inform our present reality. Wholeness Coders have a deep sense of the wholeness of Life, and how to build systems based on inclusiveness, co-creativity, and diversity resilience. (as phrased by Anneloes Smitsman)
  2. Future Creative, or Future Maker. You see and seek future-shaping processes and possibilities. You create new possibilities from(!) our future. You work with tensions, uncertainty, chaos, and collapse as transformational dynamics for opening the portals to what is our best possible future. (as phrased by Anneloes Smitsman)
  3. Evolutionary Catalyst. You are able to activate and catalyze the wisdom of Life in the midst of challenges, divisions, and collapse by shifting our focus to how we can learn, grow, and actualize more of our true potential from within any given situation or experience. You catalyze transformational change by activating and opening access to our personal and collective wisdom potentials. (as phrased by Anneloes Smitsman)
  4. New Paradigm Storyteller. You create and share the Narratives that connect us all into a shared sense of family and belonging. As Storytellers of a ​New Narrative, you activate the dynamics of thrivable worlds and futures within our current landscapes and experiences. You invite us into the co-creation of our next chapter as a Human Family. (as phrased by Anneloes Smitsman)
  5. Pattern Weaver. You focus on and work with ​The Pattern that Connects. You weave the fabrics of our societies from a place of wholeness, love, and syntony. You are conscious of and help transform the patterns of disconnection and division that have been so present in our mechanistic worldviews and systems. (as phrased by Anneloes Smitsman)
  6. Network Detective or Network Tracker. The one who finds out who fits a plan or is fun and approachable.
  7. Guiding Star. Not so much a job title, as a gift of those who light up the mood in a room or whole society, because of their innocence, integrity and or youthful enthusiasm.
  8. Healing artist (Dutch: Geneeskunstenaar). For a doctor who wanted to include the arts in healing processes.
  9. Community Cartographer or Network Mapper. With the online community so big and wide, making connections visible has become an art and profession in itself.
  10. Mind Frame Sculptor (Dutch: Denkbeeldhouwer). Invented by Guido Grolla. Shaper of new perspectives and cutting away paradigms and ideas that don’t work.
  11. StoryDoer. We all live stories, we tell them a lot. A few consciously blow up theirs to become a visible force of change.
  12. Health Activator. The one who gets you to sport, eat healthy, meet people and do lots of stuff better for you & those around you.
  13. Job Crafter. Inventor of new jobs within & without organizations, mixes talent, passion, needs and context with new job potency. Does fit me too.
  14. Clarifyer. The one who helps you to get things sharp and clear.
  15. Creatrix. female creator Change Agentess. Female change agent Playeress. Female player
  16. Storytelling Photographer. Travel photographer. Adding one word to your profession may help ware of assignments for Wedding Reportages.
  17. Music Session Giver. She doesn’t teach quality of singing, but liberates your expression, with whatever means necessary, including massage and meditation.
  18. Art Culture Generator. Somebody who activates the role and acceptance of artists in our society.
  19. Media Wisdom Trainer. Teaches media awareness, catch all media manipulations and learn how to keep thinking for yourself.
  20. Trendsformer: Why be a trend watcher if you can play your part in creating them?
  21. Group synchroniser: calibrates sound and energy of a group to get them on the same level, so cooperation gets way more fluid.
  22. Example: If you walk your talk, live the change you want to see and think others should follow, try this one.. if you dare.
  23. Society Warmer: here’s the social innovator that brings warmth and life to our (cold) society, from art to projects.
  24. Inner Hero Booster: The one that helps you to uncover your inner hero and get into action.
  25. Healing disturber: The one who helps people, organizations and systems to break through stuck patterns by action or being. Provocative Healing.
  26. Provocative Coach. Once a revolution, now almost normal, for those who can take it. Could have been just as easily in my list above.
  27. Social evolvector. someone who gives direction and meaning to the growth and development of our society. Was proposed to me, but sounded to complex for my ears, (see rule #1, at the end)
  28. Core Amplifyer: Clarifyer of the essence, bringing people and organizations back to what’s it all about.
  29. Sound Improver (Dutch: Geluidsverbeteraar). The man who not only pushes the buttons, but also gets room, people and situation across loud and clear. Can also be hired to improve rooms with bad acoustics, because no one hired a sound architect while building the place.
  30. Soft Change Expert: why stick to all those forced top down change programs when soft change will do the work without stressing the system. Yes, a nudger, but now within the system. Seeks to change cultures by soft nudges and alternative open presence as partner in the team/organization , rather than top down, or as process leader. Thus no stress for teams.
  31. Ideas Broker: connects people with ideas and can-do people on a win/win basis. Somebody else may love what you lack. Like a cross pollinator who gets paid.
  32. Life Enricher: why accept sustainability when full scale enrichment on all levels is possible too.
  33. 2012prophet: made money on either promising a doomed or enlightened world by telling how you can be saved by following them. Similar to Y2k virus hype in 1999.
  34. Easycratic change makers: people using the power of swarm, the speed of new media, social networks to move things that matter. (coined by Martijn Aslander en Erwin Witteveen).
  35. Swarm Soldiers. It once turned very actual: Headline: “Swarm Leaders initiate attack (operation payback) on Mastercard because it blocked donations to #wikileaks”.
  36. Delusion Buster: Who are you gonna call when people and or organisation stick to outdated or wrong paradigms? (Delusionator)
  37. Innovation Director. I think there’s businesses that got one.
  38. Concepter: someone who turns questions of people or organisation into realisable ideas
  39. CEL Chief Executive Listener. Speaks for itself. Would make business more human. :)
  40. Community Engineer. Sets up communities of practice, or knows how to involve people and get them connected.
  41. New Reality Maker: The one who dreams up new possibilities and then makes them happen. Or challenges the old so it breaks, conscious or by accident.
  42. Work Redesigner: reframes your talents, core business, purpose so that work gives meaning and fun.
  43. Country Upgrader: any social activist actually seeking to contribute to helping to rethink, reinvent, rebuild his or her country.
  44. Tribing coach or swarm coach: Mostly unpaid supporter boosting self organizing groups with overview, context & web2.0 tips.
  45. Pleasure Manager: the one who keeps all spirits up and helps, in a fun way, to bring meaning and aliveness back to work.
  46. Intuitionist. Somebody purely working on intuition. You never know what you’re gonna get.
  47. Shift Shaper. Creates pathways for collective shifts in consciousness.

NB: Whatever you come up with: Don’t lie! Don’t claim to be able to do things you can’t. Many, many more jobs are not in this list, just because they have little meaning to me, or don’t make my brain go, “ohh lovely!”

Finding your own great Job Title(s)

So you can frame what and who you are in a positive way, and it’ll be the basis for a job title. And you can even shape it to fit special events, or meetings, or just the person you’re talking to, who is struggling with .. where you find you have a talent to fix that. The trick is, I always carry empty cards, or with job title location empty, with me. Then I can write any fitting title, that fits the conversation.

Finally what do good job titles amount to?

Good titles do these five things:

  1. Others somehow directly understand what the person with this job does.
  2. Yet they are intrigued to hear more of it. Their curiosity leads them asking to hear more about what you do and better contact.
  3. The title is positive and attractive. (Potential) clients see how they might benefit from someone doing what you do.
  4. And preferably fits a jargon and status of potential customers you seek to be hired by.
  5. And finally, perhaps most importantly, if gives you the freedom or excuse to do what you’d love to do anyway.

NB: Don’t use any title protected by law, if you haven’t done the study. That’s illegal. Also avoid false promises. And finally when you get stuck framing yours, or wonder how to discover it and if you can’t find it with the help of friends: then there’s always me your Job Title Coach to help you invent yours. :)

Exercises, Models & Social Inventions

Practical ideas and approaches to work with groups

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