A Father’s Gentle Love

Good morning! I wrote a poem for my website this morning (Link here), hope you enjoy.

A Father’s Gentle Love

As I sat there on the rock,
Streams passing me by,
Water rushing through the air,
I stood to greet the man.

He surrounded me with a hug,
Warmth of love radiating,
Pulsating from his body like fire,
Its flames heating my soul.

He came freely, without agenda;
He desired only to talk.
And so we sat there on the ledge,
Listening to the water’s fray.

I sat back down and threw a pebble,
And as he sat beside me there,
The never-ending roaring grew faint;
The waterfall quieted to hear.

As he opened his mouth, he spoke,
With life-giving words he said,
Come to me, and I will give you rest,
Rest for your weary soul.

Having had a troublesome season,
I rested my head on his thigh;
Ever so gently, he caressed my hair,
Lulling me into a deep sleep.

When I awoke, he was still present;
Without agenda, he was there.
As I looked up, he began to speak to me;
My son, he said, I love your heart.

Though I was far younger than he,
Not as tried, scarred, or worn,
He spoke refreshing life into my spirit;
With his words he revived my soul.

His words pierced through the walls,
The protective bearings of my soul,
Flowing like water into the inner chambers,
Cleansing out the roots of death.

With every word he spoke to me,
It was as though he knew;
He spoke like he knew my wounds,
My hardships, and my faults.

Still he spoke with nothing but love;
Though we haven’t talked much,
And I’ve actively avoided his pursuits,
He continued still to search for me.

So there we sat, by the waterfall,
Drinking of a different water,
One whose giver does not thirst,
Nor does he slumber or sleep.