Closing Eyelids

Good morning!

Have you ever woken up so tired you couldn’t keep your eyes open?

It’s hard at times to keep our eyes on the goal and to focus our attention where it belongs.

We can get so distracted with doing all the things we ‘need’ to do that every now and then, we can realize that we’re so busy with all that we’re doing that we can’t seem to find the strength or energy to focus on God and give Him our attention.

Whether it’s because we’re tired and weary or simply because we’ve become bogged down by our commitments and filled our schedules too full to pencil God in, we can experience a situation wherein we try to keep our eyes open and focused on God, but all our prior commitments pull our eyelids shut and demand our attention elsewhere.

This week, as we go about our lives with our busy and seemingly important schedules, let’s see if just maybe we could intentionally pencil God into our schedules before yet another week passes by us.

God bless you, have a great day!