Why living the life you want requires intentional attention

Good morning! Have you ever noticed how conversations can start off in one direction and end up taking a completely different route than intended?

It is one of the universe’s main rules that without intentionality, everything is always moving towards chaos, not order. If left to their own devices, everything resorts to entropy.

For example, my backyard, which used to be nothing but dead and dry dirt, is now a jungle of waist-high weeds that have sprung up from the unprecedented amount of showers that California’s mood swings have managed to bring about. Without any intentional effort from me, it is weeds that have sprung up, not fruit or vegetable plants.

Likewise, in conversations, if you don’t intentionally stay on track, you might start off talking about relationships and end up talking about supernatural beings that you’ll never have the chance to prove or even understand, perhaps wondering, “wait, how did we get here?”

Entropy is a fact. Whether it comes to wildlife and backyards or un-monitored group conversations, if we don’t choose to be intentional with what we say and do, life might just sweep right past us and leave chaos in its wake while we try to recover, not recognizing that at times, it is our lack of intentionality that causes the very chaos we fight ourselves dealing with.

Let’s live life with intention. Whether it comes to picking our friends, dinner plans, or even just conversations we really need to talk about, let’s intentionally make the effort to do things, rather than haphazardly letting life happen to us.

God bless you, have a great day!