Everyone is Significant

Without you, this world would not be the same

Good morning! Have you ever felt like you were totally insignificant?

This morning, as just a quick note of encouragement, I want to remind you that the world would not be the same if you had never existed.

There are people who wouldn’t have had friendships with you. There are those who would have never seen your smile, shared tears with you, or come out of their shell to share things they have only uttered in your presence.

There are those who would long for your friendship yet never be fulfilled, as if their soul had a void that could not be filled, for you did not exist.

There are those who desperately need the love that you have to give, those whom your ministry in life will greatly impact; yet if you had never existed, those people would be left high and dry.

The Creator is intentional; of the billions and billions and billions of human beings that have roamed the earth since the dawn of time, He still chose to make you unique, with your own special fingerprints, eyes, and heart.

I’m not saying that if you were to die, this world would collapse overnight; life does move on. However, what I really want to say this morning, is that without you, this world would not be the same.

You have an impact on the people around you; you may not even recognize it, but just being kind to a classmate now may result in a friendship down the road as they remember that it was you who helped their hurting soul.

You matter. Your life certainly matters. Never forget that.

God bless you, have a great day!