Everything Costs Something

Every relationship worth investing in is going to cost you dearly.

Good morning!

Have you ever felt dismayed at how much it costs to have friends?

Perhaps short of the ultra-wealthy, most of humanity doesn’t have unlimited time, money, or energy; we all have limited resources that we’ve received, and we’ve been given the task of stewarding whatever is our hands to do the most good.

Here’s the thing: relationships are very expensive. Even if you don’t spend a single dime on the other person, you’ll still eventually realize that in order to keep something alive and afloat, you have to continually invest your time and your energy into your relationships with people — which, if you’re like me, you’re willing to do because you just love people — but you must be careful to never allow bitterness to take root in your heart.

Typically, even in an even and well-balanced relationship, people will invest differently than their partners; one friend may give more of his money than the other, while the other might give more of his time and energy to help the friend with his or her problems that they’re needing help with. Since it is very rare for both persons to spend the exact same amount of time on the other person — unless they only meet once a month and otherwise have no contact — there is a strong likelihood that bitterness can take root in a friend’s heart, as I’ve experienced a few times in the past.

In order to fight it, I think the best tools are gratitude, sincere appreciation, and a well-rounded perspective that reveals just how much the other person invests in you, even if they do so through different avenues than the ones you use to invest in them. For relationships of any sort to last the test of time, it is crucial that both parties develop a sincere appreciation for each other and continually remind themselves just how much the other person’s existence enriches their lives.

Action step for today: Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and don’t take them for granted. Anyone could pass away overnight, and you never want to part ways with bitterness in your heart; make wrongs right and hug it out whenever possible.

God bless you, have a great day!