Finding Your Breaking Points

How many people does it take for you to keep doing something good?

Good morning!

What’s your breaking point number?

I was thinking about Abraham, God, and Sodom this morning; in one of the few cases where the Scriptures record a man not only having a conversation with God but actually bargaining with Him, we see the story of a man testing God’s breaking point.

The city of Sodom was permitted through the free will of its citizens to exercise its wickedness without divine interference for a time being until eventually, God stepped in to bring judgment—sidenote: when one man’s wickedness continues to bring suffering to the innocent, God can only wait so long before judgment must come to preserve the one from the other.

Anyways, in the story, Abraham talks with God, trying to plead with Him to have mercy on the cities and not bring utter destruction to them. He quickly recognizes that God cares about people, so he argues that the righteous should suffer harm and be grouped with the wicked on the day of judgment; so, Abraham asks God if He would spare the cities if there were only 50 righteous among the thousands.

After God affirms that for the sake of 50 righteous men he wouldn’t destroy the cities, Abraham—very cautiously—tests God’s limits by arguing the number down to 10. If a mere ten righteous persons were found in the wicked cities, God would avert His judgment and postpone their impending doom.

Now, you’ve probably heard that story dozens of times, but I wonder if you’ve ever thought about your own breaking point. For example, let’s say that you’re in my shoes with writing daily messages like this one; how many readers would you have to have to continue writing instead of giving up? Would you give up if you had less than 50? Would you keep writing if you only have 20? Would you stick with it if you only had 10 readers, perhaps 5?

This same applies to anything you are doing; if you produce music and only had 50 listeners, would you keep going? Would you be discouraged and stop if you didn’t have 200, or would you keep going for the sake of just 10 monthly listeners? What’s your breaking point?

Ask yourself these questions and find out your breaking point. Once you do, you can decide whether to continue or to stop doing whatever it is you’ve made plans for.

God bless you, have a great day!