Know Your Worth

Don’t sell yourself short

Good morning! Have you ever sold something for far less than it’s worth?

News headlines are often riddled with mentions of people discovering hidden gems; the owner inherited something, needed to sell it to get quick cash, and a lucky buyer just happened to have recognized what it was and how much it was truly worth. Same story, countless times.

This happens for a variety of reasons: first, people don’t really appraise or know how to see how much an item is worth; second, people often sell themselves short and aim prices too low because they don’t assume anyone’s willing to pay much money for a second-hand item.

However, it’s not just about money. Even though dating apps are supposed to help resolve this issue, people still keep selling themselves short; men and women who aren’t fully aware of their worth often mark themselves down and discount themselves instead of continuing to wait (although the idea of a “perfect” spouse is still pretty far-fetched).

Those who know their worth recognize that you don’t need a million people all bidding on something; all it takes is one person willing to pay a high enough price — think, for example, of an art auction.

And hey, sometimes these hidden gems require a bit of TLC; you might need to redo that paint job, fix up your attitude, or increase your margins by lowering production costs, but after some tender loving care, you’ll be able to help others see the value of whatever it is you’re selling (yourself via dating, a car, or a business), and you won’t sell yourself short.

God bless you, have a great day!