Monarchy in Leadership

Good morning!

Have you ever realized that democracy doesn’t work?

Forget politics for a second, and just think about democracy in the context of small groups you are or have been a part of: if there was no accepted leadership, and everyone just did what the group could unanimously agree on, would anything really get done? Ever?

When it comes to actions being taken and stuff getting done, you need a leader. It doesn’t matter what that leader’s sex, ethnicity, or political beliefs are, they just need to be able to get people to be united under one banner with a unified will, and move forward into action.

Let’s say you’re planning on having a party and you’re thinking about what food you should get; if you gave up your leadership and decided to go with full-on democracy, you would typically end up resorting to the lowest common denominator and end up with vegan-only food that technically everyone can eat; however, if you decide to go with “enlightened monarchy,” you will make the primary dish something that suits the tastes of the majority, while also tending to the minorities and providing for their special needs as well.

Listen, this isn’t a political statement, and I’m not in favor of evil dictatorships or communism or whatnot, but I do recognize that without strong leadership — from a leader that is kind and listens to his/her people — nothing gets done, responsibility is rarely taken, and things end up half-done or completely undone.

If you are a leader, or are called to be a leader, I want to encourage you today to lead; listen to your people, hear what they have to say, but if you’re the one in charge, recognize that you are ultimately responsible for whatever happens, so go and do what’s best for those around you.

God bless you, have a great day!