Poetry: Window of the Soul

David Szigetvari
Feb 4 · 2 min read

Good morning!

You ever read someone else’s poetry and peek into their soul?

A lot of times, when it comes to poetry, people have no idea what they’re doing. It’s almost as if people reached into a Scrabble bag of words, grabbed a good fistful, and threw them on the page, trying to figure out how to make everything rhyme, sacrificing meaning and authenticity for meaningless design.

True poetry, in my firm opinion, is meant to come straight from the soul. A good poet does not sit in front of lexicons and thesauruses, trying to find just the right words to impress an audience. Nay, a good poet — and writer — takes his pen to the paper and opens the valve of their heart, letting their soul flood and fill the pages below.

Last night, my flatmates and I went over to a friend’s house, and for a good couple hours, we shared poetry and read it aloud. As we did so, we were able to see glances into each other’s souls, coming away with new revelations of who a person really is at the core.

The beautiful thing about poetry is that you can write about birds or sidewalks or rain and mud and boots, but the clever interpreter will see beyond the artist’s subjects and see straight into his soul.

Here’s a recommendation for you: perhaps try viewing the Bible as a book of poetry from God (not just the Psalms). He chose to write a lot about seemingly irrelevant stories, but it is in the Master Poet’s stories that we can see beyond the words and look into His soul. Give it a shot, see what you think.

God bless you, have a great day!


Encouraging Weekday Messages from David Szigetvari

David Szigetvari

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Christian Stoic || Proverbs 11:25


Encouraging Weekday Messages from David Szigetvari

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