Toxic Substances and Environments

Your soul's health matters too

Good morning! Have you ever gotten food poisoning?

I went to a sushi restaurant with a few of my newest friends last week, and one of them ended up getting sick before dinner was even over. Fortunately, my house was close by so we made sure she drank some green tea and that helped, but nevertheless, there's a lesson to be learned:

Our bodies know when something is bad for us and reject wrong food items immediately.

However, not everything is immediately disregarded; last night, I ate some leftover vanilla ice cream, but I also ate some food from Taco Bell (my roommate gave it to me, I've never eaten there before), and this morning I woke up bloated and feeling pretty sick, but I can't tell what it was that got me sick because it wasn't an immediate reaction. Now I can't tell if I've managed to really end up being lactose intolerant—really hoping that's not the case—or if I should just stay far, far away from anything even remotely related to Taco Bell.

Our souls work similarly to our bodies; some things are so bad for us they are rejected and expelled immediately (we all have been in an environment so toxic that we can't help but leave within the first five minutes of being there), but the majority of the time the things we surround ourselves and feed our souls with (toxic relationships, bad employment options, borderline awful environments, etc.) are bad enough to cause us major issues, but not too bad to the point that we are immediately aware how bad they actually are.

For example, if you can't handle the smell of cigarette smoke and walk into a billiards lounge with everyone smoking, you'll probably cough, leave, and reject cigarettes for at least a while after your negative experience. If, however, you simply hang out with someone outside who smokes cigarettes, you will slowly allow that same negative influence to affect you, except this time you'll be slowly raising the temperature underneath your own boiling pot and might not notice how bad it is for you until it's too late.

The health of our bodies is important, yes, undoubtedly so. But, the health of our souls? That's even more important. Keep guard over your heart. Find people around you whom you can trust and be wholly transparent with, and allow them to speak into your life and tell you when something they see you approaching is wrong for you; not so they can keep you from fun, but so they can help preserve your soul's well-being.

God bless you, have a great day!