Your Friends are Human Too

David Szigetvari
Feb 27 · 2 min read

Good morning! When was the last time you were disappointed by someone?

Chances are, you either remember it because the disappointment was so great, or you don’t remember it anymore because the disappointments are never-ending.

The honest truth is that people can be disappointing at times; everyone may seem as though they are merely out for themselves, and when their needs go before yours and they choose to go back on their word, you’re left with disappointment.

Yes, another human being has failed you. It happens all the time to all sorts of people.

Even I, with my totally predictable and consistently naive behavior, have managed to disappoint my best friend within the last year (and he’s pretty lax about things); no one is immune either from disappointing others or from being disappointed themselves.

Now the question is, what will you do next time you’re disappointed? How long will it take for you to come around and recognize your own failures and the times when you’ve let others down before you forgive the person who just let you down, possibly for the dozenth time?

If we are to be God-fearing and people-loving individuals, we must come to terms with our own human condition; we all have glitches in our psyche, certain flaws we can’t seem to overcome, and defense mechanisms we revert to when we are accused of being in the wrong — and if that’s true for us, then that’s definitely like true for those who have disappointed us.

The point I want to make this morning is that if we are to love the people around us and continue to be healthy individuals, even after enduring disappointments, we must embrace the humanity of our companions; we ought to look to God for stability, as “He is the same yesterday, today, and forever,” but we should accept and embrace that the people around us are absolutely the same as we are — same wounds in different places, same insecurities just different areas, same issues with interpersonal relationships, just perhaps with different causes.

If we were to just slightly increase our empathy and regard those around us as equals to ourselves and our own humanity, I think we would lead far more fulfilling lives.

God bless you, have a great day!


Encouraging Weekday Messages from David Szigetvari

David Szigetvari

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Christian Stoic || Proverbs 11:25


Encouraging Weekday Messages from David Szigetvari

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