Eximchain at Blockshow Asia

On September 22, Eximchain participated in the ICOscar Competition at Blockshow Asia in Hong Kong. William Peckham presented Eximchain’s progress since its founding at MIT in 2015. Peckham also presented potential use cases for Eximchain’s technology, including supply chain financing, inventory management, and sourcing for SMEs.

Eximchain was founded with the goal of closing the $1.6 trillion financing gap SMEs face globally. The primary reason for the financing gap is lack of information, and Eximchain’s solutions are designed to provide transparency throughout the supply chain using innovative blockchain technology. Eximchain’s solution were well-received at Blockshow Asia, where the company met with potential partners, investors, and local crypto community.

Blockshow Asia’s ICOscar Competition is reserved for the most promising Blockchain Projects with ICOs in development. Previous ICOscar winners include Bancor, Status, Etherisc, and Solarchange, which raised $200m.