Eximchain Welcomes Louis Lamia as Director of Engineering

Eximchain is proud to announce that Louis Lamia has joined the team as Director of Engineering. Louis previously worked as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Service, where he helped launch the Elastic File System. Louis holds a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science from MIT, where he also taught Python and served as a TA.

Louis likes working on big distributed problems, especially ones that reward forethought and smart design. Blockchain technology is therefore a natural fit for him. “I honestly believe in the future of the blockchain space. I think this is an opportunity to build the future and that the time to do it is now.” says Louis.

At Eximchain, Louis will be focused on setting up and managing the infrastructure to run the Eximchain network and stress testing Quorum to determine optimal network characteristics. “I will be leading and growing the engineering division and instilling in Eximchain the same standards of engineering and operational excellence that we practiced in my time at AWS,” Louis explained. Louis’ experience launching AWS’ Elastic File System service will be extremely useful to Eximchain as the company prepares for a large network launch of its own.

In Louis’ spare time, he enjoys playing Overwatch with his wife and watching the ever-changing crypto market. From everyone at Eximchain, we are extremely happy to welcome Louis to the team!

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