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Hello Eximchain supporters,

This is the day that we have all been waiting for! Now Eximchain 1.0 has officially launched. Please check out what’s available now and what will happen next.

What’s live?

Eximchain Mainnet

The Eximchain Mainnet launches across 14 regions globally. Developers are now able to to connect to the Eximchain network through our Github Link, allowing outside participants to connect to the network freely.

Network monitoring dashboard:

Terraform is a workflow to provision infrastructure for private cloud, public cloud, and external services. We built reusable Terraform configurations to define the topology of the blockchain infrastructure using code, allowing us to completely automate: securing, provisioning, tear-down, and maintenance of multi-region blockchain networks at the touch of a button all of which we have open sourced.

Network launched using our public IaC (Infrastructure as Code) repo:

Our security partner — Threat Stack provides us with unprecedented data and context for incident response. The data-rich insights enabled by our enhanced integrations allow our security teams to shift from point-in-time reaction to proactive risk reduction with powerful analytics that highlight patterns and trends across their environments. This enables stronger understanding and communication of risk across our organization and partners.

Security Monitoring:

Eximchain Token Holder Verification

In order to increase the security and trust in our network, we have implemented a thorough onboarding process for all Eximchain Governance members.

As of today you may take the first step by whitelisting the address you will use for the token swap by visiting: verify.eximchain.com.

Our members must prove they currently hold a minimum amount of EXC and tie an email to the wallet address holding that EXC. You will be able to continue the rest of the steps to pass KYC after the Eximchain Governance App is released later on.

Reminder: Please create a new wallet on Ethereum with public and private keys that you control. We recommend using a service like MEW or MyCrypto. We highly recommend that users do NOT use the wallet created for the swap for anything other than the swap. This should be a one time use wallet.

Basically, the new wallets on Eximchain Mainnet will be literal snapshots of the Ethereum wallets created. This will have the same public and private key combinations. For that reason, we highly recommend not using Ethereum wallet again as it will introduce confusion and could lead to lost funds.

Eximchain Help Center

We have created an online Help Center at: eximchain.zendesk.com/hc/en-us to share the guidelines for Token Swap and Eximchain Governance Onboarding processes. We have also started building Eximchain Knowledge Base. You can now search, comment, and interact with the available content via social media.

Eximchain Status

From now on, everyone can go to status.eximchain.com and check the healthiness of Eximchain Mainnet, sign up for service maintenance alerts, or report any outages.

In Development

Eximchain Governance App

We’re finalizing the development of Eximchain Governance App which will allow Eximchain Token Holders who have passed Governance Onboarding process to participate Quadratic Voting. The first public voting cycle will start next year after token swap. Please note the KYC process is done through batches.

Eximchain Wallet

Eximchain Wallet is an interface for generating and managing Eximchain wallets. We’re working on Eximchain Wallet’s first release, which is reconfigured from MyCrypto.

Eximchain Block Explorer

Eximchain is working with blk.io to provide a Quorum Block Explorer to give everyone visibility of public transactions on Eximchain Mainnet. This is the current version hosted by blk.io running on our testnet.

Eximchain Token Swap

Two weeks before the Final Snapshot Day, T Day, an announcement will be made and the onboarding process will be paused. Token holder will have to whitelist wallet address two weeks before T Day and move all ERC-20 tokens to the whitelisted address before T Day.

On T Day, all ERC-20 tokens will be frozen. Two weeks after T Day, Tokens will be fully swapped and everyone will be on Eximchain Mainnet. In the meantime, the onboarding process re-actives again.

What’s next?

As part of our development process, we will continue to enhance their network infrastructure and finalize changes and security considerations in Q4 2018. We will also be looking at identifying Innovation Partners and Ambassadors globally, to help them grow a developer community, and develop use-cases for specific supply chain issues. We will also launch the Eximchain SDK next year, which will enable companies to build customized, end-to-end, supply chain applications utilizing the Eximchain Mainnet.

Thank you for all your participation and support! This marks a significant milestone for Eximchain team, partners and community. Going forward, we will continue to push ourselves to make our supporters proud!

You can find the official press release for Eximchain Mainnet launch here.

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Eximchain enables supply chain companies to connect, transact, and share information more efficiently using blockchain technology. Learn more: www.eximchain.com


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Eximchain enables supply chain companies to connect, transact, and share information more efficiently using blockchain technology. Learn more: www.eximchain.com



Eximchain enables supply chain companies to connect, transact, and share information more efficiently using blockchain technology. Learn more: www.eximchain.com

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