Apps to track your period

Apple just announced they’re adding period tracking to the built-in iOS Health app, but there are plenty of apps for iOS and Android that have been offering in-depth period tracking for ages.

Here are some of the best I found.

Clue, iOS, Android, Apple Watch

Clue lets you track your period for various reasons: to understand your mood swings, help you get pregnant, or just keep track of your cycle. The app boasts that it’s “not pink”, unlike the cliché period-tracking app, and it includes extra metrics like mood, pain, and sex, as well as how heavy your flow is.

Glow, iOS, Android

Glow is another brightly coloured, non-pink app that helps you track your cycle to help you conceive or avoid a pregnancy. Glow lets you track metrics like mood, stress, weight, and exercise alongside your period, includes reminders for your period or fertile window, and can connect to other health apps like Fitbit and Jawbone UP.

Bellabeat LEAF, iOS, Android

The Bellabeat LEAF is only available for pre-order right now, but iOS and Android apps are “coming soon” — presumably both will be released in time for the LEAF’s shipping date.

The LEAF is a leaf-shaped device that you can wear as a necklace, bracelet, or clip. It tracks activity, sleep, and breathing, but also includes period tracking in the companion app. If you want your cycle tracking combined with your overall health tracking, LEAF could be the way to go.

LoveCycles, iOS, Android

LoveCycles lets you track your cycle and predicts when your next period will start. You can also track extra data like your weight, temperature, and mood.

Kindara, iOS, Android

If you love graphs and charts, Kindara could be the app for you. It plots your data on charts so you can see how your basal body temp and cervical fluid change throughout your cycle. Kindara also has community features built in, so you can get advice from other users.

You can also pre-order Wink, an oral fertility thermometer built by Kindara that measures your basal body temp and syncs it to the Kindara app.

My Cycles, iOS, Android

MedHelp’s My Cycles app lets you track your period and symptoms, has various themes so you can choose something more or less pink depending on your preference, and includes a built-in community for Q&A.

myPill, iOS

My Pill includes reminders to take your birth control pill as well as cycle and symptom tracking. The app can remind you to take your pill, schedule a checkup, or refill your prescription. You can track how much water you drink, when you start a new pill pack, and symptoms like cramps and fatigue.

Did I miss your favourite? Let me know via email or on Twitter at @ExistApp.

Image credits: Clue screenshot via Clue, Glow screenshot via The Next Web, Bellabeat LEAF via SlashGear, myPill screenshot via Bouqt, My Cycles screenshot via MedHelp, LoveCycles screenshot via Intel, Kindara screenshot via Don’t Cook Your Balls.

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