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Sitecore Developer: Skills, Experience, Salary

Proceeding on the latest topic where we’ve discussed Sitecore development usage and advantages, it would be interesting to address the next questions:

  • What does a Sitecore developer do?
  • How to hire Sitecore developers?
  • What is the average salary?

Received responses will help to outline the key aspects to improve the collaboration efficiency and quality of acquired services.

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List of the content

  • Why hire Sitecore developers
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Requirements to hire Sitecore developers
  • Where to find the best Sitecore developers
  • Sitecore developer hourly rate

Advancing approaches for content management have presented a variety of solutions unified within marketing strategies and the latest technologies. Businesses have the great possibility to choose between different content management systems to support the full-fledged functionality of their websites and related software solutions.


Read the full article about Sitecore Developer: Skills, Experience, Salary and share your thoughts on it.

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