Welcome to Exit 13

By Cameron Adamczyk

We missed out.

We missed out on the greatness of Muhammad Ali. We missed out on the dominance of Michael Jordan, and the lack of dominance of his baseball stint. We missed out on the mess of the Richard Nixon tapes. We missed out on the 715th home run. We missed out on the OJ police chase, and the Earth-shattering court case. We missed out on the extreme ebs and flows of the Bill Clinton White House. We missed out on a lot.

But that’s just the new reality.

As the necessity for journalists rapidly decreases, the idea of what a journalist needs to be is changing. Back in the day, it took four years of college courses to have your story told and words devoured. Today, all it takes is 140 characters for your story to be shared. Journalists have turned into bloggers who have turned into tweeters.

But those are all things that you know.

What you may not know is that some people still have that burning desire to tell a story. Some people want to invite you into the twists and turns of ideas. Some people enjoy sitting down for 10 minutes to read a well-presented piece on a topic that has been explored in many different avenues.

But that type of person is rare and is from the newspaper era.

Here at Exit 13, we want to introduce the new-era, old-thought process. We want to break the stereotype of our generation. We want to present the idea that some of us like our news presented in a format greater than 140 characters. We want to question the notion that we are a top-10 list-dominated group.

We want to be an exit. An exit into the past. An exit into the present of news. But most importantly, an exit into what the future can look like for journalists.

The site will launch with this post, and we hope to use it as a launching pad for young voices to develop. There are going to be a plethora of topics attacked in many different formats. For the three of us, this has been a long-running dream that can finally be put into action thanks to some good fortune alongside misfortune.

If you want to give us a follow (Exit 13), we promise not to just tweet out article links. Schwarz, Colin and I promise to throw in witty jokes alongside whatever else we deem worthy. Stay tuned for plenty more from us.

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