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Oct 9 · 6 min read

Tech publications are exciting to read whether you work within the industry or are just simply interested in the latest news. But with so many technology websites out there, how do you know which one is the best? And which one has the most in-depth and accurate stories? At ExitCertified, we have taken the guesswork out but scouring the internet for the top ten websites for consumers both in the US and internationally.

1) TechCrunch

Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of this technology website. If you want to find out all the latest news about tech innovation, startups and product launches, TechCrunch is an invaluable resource to use. With over 50,000 active contributors, it has a varied and incredibly detailed set of articles that covers news from all the major brands — including Twitter and Google. The website also has a function that allows you to vary the articles by category, so that you can read specific articles on the latest mobile, audio and gadget news.

There are two sections of this technology website that stand out in particular — Crunchbase and Extra Crunch. For the latter, you can find extra interviews and articles that didn’t make it onto the homepage. Crunchbase, however, is a large database that’s a helpful resource for startups in the technology industry — allowing you to find investors, prospects, investments and to conduct market research.

2) Engadget

At our number two spot is perhaps one of the most prolific technology websites out there. Founded in 2004 by Peter Rojas (a co-founder of another technology website on this list — Gizmodo), Engadget has grown to become one of America’s most popular resources for the latest news regarding consumer electronics and gadgets. A multilingual blog network, it’s accessible internationally — frequently releasing articles on 10 different tech-related blogs.

It also features tech reviews and a buyer’s guide to help its readers decide which cameras, tablets, mobiles, etc. to purchase.

3) Wired

Often associated with the Wired Magazine despite the fact that it split from it in 1990 (after it was purchased by Conde Nast), Wired is home to the latest technology and cultural news. Engaging yet casual, it’s an easy tech publication to read when you’re on the go. Including opinion pieces, business pieces and security news that’s tech-related, it’s ideal for those of all ages.

4) Cnet

What makes this website stand out from the crowd, is the fact that you can alter the news based on your region and language. The Cnet download section also allows you to access a vast library of software and freeware reviews — an invaluable system that is perfect for those working within the industry.

Created 25 years ago, it is home to numerous reviews, top 10 lists, ‘how to’ articles and more related to technology, entertainment and vehicles.

5) TheNextWeb

Covering topics and guides related to culture, business and technology TheNextWeb was founded in 2006. Referring to consumers that are interested in tech as ‘Generation T’, the technology website frequently posts useful articles about the latest gadgets and games.

A popular choice for teens and adults alike, each month it receives millions[1] of page views.

6) TechRadar

Similarly to Cnet, TechRadar allows you to change the site so that it displays regional-specific news. A tech-enthusiasts dream, it also features reviews, guides and articles that rate the best new gadgets. Whether you’re interested in news about tablets, smartphones, games consoles or another type of technology, you can find relevant information here. For students, TechRadar has a section titled ‘Back to School 2019’ that lists the best phones, tablets and other technology suited for the classroom.

7) Business Insider

Although Business Insider also offers news related to finance, politics and culture, it’s nonetheless a good resource for the latest technology information. With articles written by industry experts for technology professionals, it’s a one-stop-shop for fascinating statistics, opinion pieces and technology reviews.

8) Gizmodo

Another big player in the world of technology, Gizmodo is a tech publication read by millions of people around the world. Over 10 years old, Gizmodo showcases what can come from blogging and crowd-sourced information. Allowing consumers to contribute, it has a varied tone of voice which makes it interesting to read. An informal yet attention-grabbing website, it includes technology news related to mobile phones, social networking sites, laptops and more.

9) Slash Gear

We wanted to shed light on Slash Gear as it’s not as well known as some of the other websites on this list. Dedicated to bringing its consumers the latest information associated with personal technology, it covers everything from iPhone reviews to articles revealing upcoming video games. Although it’s not only a tech website, it’s unique and informative, making it a useful resource for all consumers.

10) Ars Technica

At our number ten spot is Ars Technica — one of the oldest websites on this list. Devoted to technology, this publication is owned by Conde Nast and has been running for nearly 20 years.

Featuring a wide range of editorials and news informing professionals and enthusiasts about the latest in the world of tech, it’s very easy to read. Readers can also connect with other individuals that are interested in technology through the Ars Technica forums. From these forums, you can learn all about the latest operating systems, software, video games, etc. and get authentic opinions.

Final Thoughts

As technology continues to advance, it’s clear that the number of technology publications will continue to rise. However, with so many big players in the game with devoted fans, it’s arguably a hard market to enter. Of course, the website that you often frequent will depend on your individual taste — as they vary hugely on the tone of voice, the type of technology that they discuss and how quick they are to release articles.

But with this top ten list, you can gauge what each of the websites includes and which is the leading tech-related publications in terms of the news they release.

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ExitCertified (Tech Data)

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ExitCertified (Tech Data)

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ExitCertified (Tech Data)

IT Industry training news, updates, trends, knowledge and more from ExitCertified (Tech Data)

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