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What’s next in employee satisfaction?

The Employee Journey

  1. Training staff to understand what is expected
  2. Get feedback on where you as an HR specialist have succeeded and where not
  3. And where more training/education is needed
  • Company policies, official documents, and forms;
  • Company strategy and goals;
  • Values and corporate social responsibility (CSR);
  • Training and learning;
  • Digital assets and brand center;
  • Product and services information;
  • Other HR related information.

Serious learning through gamification

The benefits of using live trivia for learning are multiple:

  • Circular information: Communication, learning and HR officers can see if for certain questions more wrong answers than anticipated are given, indicating the need to further train staff on that specific topic. Data-supported HR will get a great boost and it seems that in the end everyone wins.
  • Increase company awareness of the latest trends in technology, regulation and processes;
  • Create cross-department understanding of skills and responsibilities;
  • Understanding workplace policies, compliance and safety rules;
  • Becoming familiar with the philosophy and mission of the company;
  • Create a feed-back loop to identify where more training is needed;
  • Link to resources where additional information can be found;
  • Train specific departments in new practices — e.g. Train and inform the sales team about new techniques and service offerings;
  • Freedom to produce unique content for each show introducing new themes, topics and questions categories;
  • A live game creates a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out (FOMO) especially since every show has a unique theme and topic which is beneficial.

So, imagine…



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