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Colizeum: Decentralizing the Gaming Landscape to be Gamer-centric

Colizeum presents an all-in-one modern solution to the issues surrounding the gaming industry: marketing, advertising, and scalability. But will this project come out as a champ, or will it get lost in the arena? Let’s find out!

Evolution of the Gaming Landscape

The mobile cash game market has grown by 78% over the past two years, making the market ripe for the picking in introducing the next blockchain-based ecosystem. People are shifting online for their entertainment, shopping, and even profit-generation. In fact, the mobile user market is expected to have an annual growth of 5.9%. People are going digital.

So it makes sense that play-to-earn games are on the rise as well. Blockchain gaming has paved the way for a modern form of earning through gameplay, as seen in play-to-earn games. NFTs revolutionized the way we play, and are providing users with the means to earn while doing what they love. We’ve developed games to be an alternative to the grueling 9–5 hustle!

This is where Colizeum factors in.

Let’s check out this blockchain-based ecosystem for mobile games, and see how this platform is essential now more than ever!

Colizeum — Your Ally in Growing the Gaming Industry

Colizeum provides benefits for game devs and players like never before! The problems in the current gaming industry include exclusivity: developers can churn out dozens of games a year, but the monetization of these games continue to be at the hands of middlemen. Ad exchanges charge high for their services, and these expenses translate into user fees.

Yet the gaming industry, specifically mobile gaming, continues to grow. Mobile gaming has an 80% YoY growth since 2020, and the market is becoming increasingly competitive with more and more projects popping up each year. Developers scramble to get their game up and running, while the team conjures up ways to introduce new players into the community.

While the industry is seemingly growing, the opportunities for developers and players to earn from their games are stagnant. Games are still highly centralized, with the Apple iStore and Google Play dominating the market with their towering fees.

Where many projects see barriers and hurdles, Colizeum sees opportunities for improvement. Colizeum aims to purify the monetization of games for fair distribution of the earnings to game developers — the very team who made the game possible in the first place!

Made By Gamers, For Gamers

Colizeum is the top ally in the continuous improvement of the gaming space. Conceptualized by gamers for gamers, the platform is creating an entirely new dimension of cooperative gaming. They provide services that solve the barriers of entry for new projects, while simultaneously growing the gaming community for engaging conversations and co-op.

The team behind the project is made of industry-leading experts, with a combined decade-worth of experience behind them. Made by gamers, Colizeum is enabling developers to focus on building good games, while they take care of the rest.

With no middlemen, no black boxes, and no exuberant fees, Colizeum aims to grow the community with you using revolutionary and transparent monetization of players’ attention. Game devs gain more users playing their game, while players enjoy the low fees and high rewards. It’s a win-win situation that is evolving mobile cash gaming!

Play-to-Earn: The Novel Way to Profits

Colizeum redefines the play-to-earn model to benefit game developers and users alike. By fueling monetization with the Attention Marketplace, and Tournaments As A Service, Colizeum makes use of the ultimate goal in gaming — players’ attention.

At the same time, players can enjoy the high rewards brought about by the ever-growing platform landscape. When their chosen game grows, so do their rewards. Low platform fees also decreases pay-to-play costs, which makes gaming accessible. This creates an incentive for players to continue playing; the solution to fast-paced trends in gaming!

Colizeum is an ecosystem where gamers, developers, and investors can connect. Users can enter into the domain of play-to-earn through the platform, and gain monetary rewards for active engagement. The ecosystem also fosters an environment where healthy competition powers the drive to succeed for gamers and developers alike.

Player Cards are the prized NFTs of Colizeum. These provide holders with platform-specific perks and benefits that they can use to level up their gaming experiences. Only a limited number of these NFTs are up for grabs, which will give access to special perks, exclusive content, and exclusive communities within the platform.

However, users cannot purchase these using the $ZEUM token, but will need a Secondary Token earned from gameplay. Keep playing, keep earning, and keep leveling up for the ultimate rewards! These player cards serve a purpose: they ensure the lengthy lifespan of games as well as the Colizeum community as a whole.

Prediction Markets

Gaming: riddled with derivative markets. Game developers: traditionally gain nothing from derivative markets. See the problem here? Developers deliver the biggest chunk of value in their games, but are deprived of any gains that come from the prediction markets prevalent in many gaming communities.

Colizeum aims to change that with their Prediction Markets. With official, legitimate, and automated prediction markets, players can bet on the outcomes of tournaments and competitions for additional rewards. The markets provide the safety and security that third-party derivatives could not, while allowing the community to flourish.

Tokenized Tournaments

What’s a game without a little friendly competition? The Tokenized Tournaments provide a channel for influencers to step up their game, and find sponsors willing to pay for players’ attention. Influencer marketing is peaking higher and higher, with streaming becoming a lucrative industry for top players.

Tokenized tournaments nurture friendly competitions between players. If you think you have what it takes to beat down the rest of your rivals, then tournaments are the way to go! Tournaments As A Service, however, is a set of smart contract SDKs for easy tournament integration in games, monetizing players’ competitive spirits.

TOURNAMENT CREATOR: Any user has access to create a tournament, and establishes the prize pool for the champs. They facilitate the tournament, and ensure that the Secondary Token rewards are distributed fairly.

GAMERS: Players with Player Cards can enter the arena for free, and test their skills as they go head to head against the top players in the game. Winning players gain a set portion of the prize pool, which is around 90% of the rewards.

COLIZEUM: Colizeum serves as the emperor in this arena, overseeing the tournament. While the platform does not meddle in tournament affairs, it does provide the secure space for players to battle it out — gladiator style!

GAME DEVS: From developer to host: game devs will need to stake $ZEUM to host, but hosting gives the game dev team the chance to engage with their community, and earn 3% of the prize pool while they’re at it!

Attention Marketplace

In-game monetization relies on players’ attention, and what better way to gauge this than through the introduction of the Attention Marketplace? Game devs can freely register their projects in the marketplace, with more prominent spots held by dev teams that staked the most $ZEUM. Thus, the staking of the native token, $ZEUM, facilitates capturing players’ attention.

The attention marketplace is essentially the all-around marketing and advertising page for games. Colizeum curates top titles, and gives every developer the opportunity to put their best foot forward. Made to be cost-efficient yet effective, devs are provided an avenue to advertise their games without having to carry the costs over to the players.

Colizeum SDK

The Colizeum SDK is exactly what developers need to break into the blockchain world. The SDK makes blockchain integration simple, cost-effective, and seamless without the need of hiring a specialized blockchain developer team to translate the game into the crypto space.

Developers can focus on the aspects that matter most: building amazing gameplay experiences. The SDK is at the heart of the platform, and paves the way for games to connect to other services such as the Attention Marketplace, Tokenized Tournaments, and Prediction Markets.

The Age of $ZEUM

Of course, Coliseum is not without its native token that makes platform transactions seamless and lucrative. The main uses of its token, $ZEUM, are to increase strategic partnerships, and allocate for rewards and community incentives.



So how does Colizeum fare compared to projects of similar structure? Take a look at predecessors like PlayDapp, and OP Games, which have similar goals, but focus on their own preferences in gaming.

PLAYDAPP: PlayDapp has already established a roster of curated games, with a variety of genres that appeal to every player. They aim to put value into digital assets, and provide a secure space to build a gaming community with their C2C Marketplace, and PlayDapp SDK geared towards game developers.

OP GAMES: Developed in the same country where Axie Infinity was most popular in, OP Games is providing a space for HTML5 games to open tournaments, trade NFTs, and earn from gameplay. The platform aims to establish itself as a blockchain gaming hub as the world transcends to Web 3.0.

Even the big names in crypto have gone into NFT and blockchain gaming. BSC has started their own roster of play-to-earn games, as has Enjin, which supports NFTs in its core. The issue we have yet to come across is where the focus on NFT gaming will be, and how these players contribute to the growth of the blockchain gaming community.

Colizeum is the top up-and-coming player that is ready to tackle the competition. Their focus on mobile gaming puts them on a different level, tapping into an initial audience that spans across 1M users. With mobile gaming on the rise, Colizeum has entered the market with perfect timing.


Overall, it is safe to say that what Colizeum provides is not just their products and services, but the opportunity to decentralize mobile gaming, and bring the benefits of the market back to the people. They are introduced at the perfect time where mobile and online gaming continues to expand in popularity and acceptance, providing a modern industry that is here to stay.

Projects like Colizeum are poised to flourish as they work to cultivate gaming. We are at the age where every development is another step closer to the metaverse, and it will be interesting to see how Colizeum emerges as an ecosystem. We can expect the project to skyrocket, bringing eSports and gaming to new heights!

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