Exnetwork Builds Bridges with Cross-chain Bridging Platform Glitter Finance

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2 min readNov 15, 2021


Exnetwork is thrilled to announce its investment in Glitter Finance, a DeFi-focused blockchain bridge, as it increases capital efficiency between cross-chain bridges.

This partnership will be a game-changer for the DeFi landscape, as both parties are continuously providing growth opportunities for traders, and continue to expand the purpose of blockchain interoperability to be accessible to traders.

Across the Glitter Bridge

Glitter’s ecosystem consists of three components: the cross-chain bridge, auto-yield generation, and soon a multi-chain NFT marketplace for trade and exchange.

The platform aims to optimize interoperable bridge opportunities for traders and investors through their yield model that redeploys a portion of assets into yield-generating vaults on an interoperable chain.

Yield Model Integration

Glitter Finance boosts capital efficiency through the yield model integrated into the Glitter Bridge. Leveraging on the blockchains’ technologies, the platform redeploys assets into yield farms with the most optimal return for the token.

Token holders are provided with a synthetic token that they can burn at any point to claim their redeployed assets, and with interoperability through Solana, Algorand, Polygon, and Terra blockchains, traders can be assured the platform can match their assets with the most favourable returns.

Risk Analysis

Worried about the investment risks? Glitter Finance has covered the risk analysis portion of capital optimization by deploying Deep Learning Neural Networks that work to assess cross-chain vaults that provide the maximum returns at a minimal risk, saving a holder the time and effort to manually assess a vault.

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