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Exnetwork Capital Welcomes New Investment White Whale

Exnetwork Capital is proud to announce a major investment in White Whale, an arbitrage platform that aims to be a pioneer in the rapidly evolving area of decentralized community led governance. Their platform lets users earn anchor yield plus arbitrage profits plus contribute to supporting the peg in our UST vault. Their ultimate goal is to stabilize the entire Terra ecosystem through community-led arbitrage.

Exnetwork is looking forward to starting the expansion and growth of White Whale through their marketing initiatives. We’ve seen how crypto exchange platforms and arbitrage trading platforms are continuously growing, and how this could change the way we trade.

“The team at White Whale is very excited for the community to see what we’ve been building. We believe this project is mission critical for the Terra ecosystem and the power to keep the peg should be in the hands of the community.”

— White Whale team

The White Whale Mission: Decentralize the Enforcement of the UST Peg

The White Whale arbitrage platform enables the enforcement of the UST peg in a decentralized manner by providing the technical tools which allow regular users to participate in complex trading strategies such as arbitrage. By opening up L1 seigniorage arbitrage to the Terra community and empowering them to earn delta-neutral profits while simultaneously contributing to keeping the peg, White Whale is capable of making the entire Terra ecosystem more secure, robust, and efficient.

White Whale aims to empower the retail community to keep the peg, and redistribute market influence from centralized entities to retail communities. This will be reflected at the heart of White Whale within its governance structure. With White Whale, traders can track the difference in rates using the software, which is more efficient and profitable.

With the $WHALE token, you get access to arbitrage the entire Terra ecosystem. $WHALE will have one of the most unique and essential functions, acting as an overarching utility token providing Terra ecosystem stabilization features. Users may deposit $WHALE to the War Chest that will enable them to participate in ensuring ecosystem stability in the entire Terra ecosystem via arbitrage.

Currently, White Whale is still under development and its design concepts, consensus mechanisms, and other technical details and parameters may be constantly and frequently updated and changed.


We’re excited to see White Whale take the lead in community-led arbitrage.

Get the latest news and updates from White Whale:

Website: https://www.whitewhale.money/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhiteWhaleTerra

Medium: https://medium.com/@whitewhaleterra

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtvVR3Tw5Um4FtyncauNz2g

Get to know Exnetwork Capital

Exnetwork is Philippines #1 crypto fund with strong ties to every major geographical crypto community in the world. It’s exceptional network include several DAOs, telegram communities, a leading validator, incubator, idea labs, gaming guilds and growth agency.

In 2021, we’ve seen an incredibly strong period for innovation at Exnetwork Capital, with a barrage of creative projects developed by builders, early adopters, and visionaries all looking to develop the next big thing in crypto. Exnetwork Capital aims to invest in a diverse group of projects that will surely disrupt the market.

Website: http://exnetworkcapital.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/exnetworkpublic




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