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Exnetwork Officially Joins The Adventure With Void Investment

Exnetwork is excited to announce its latest strategic partnership with Void. The team greatly believes in the concept and the technology of Void and are looking forward to this new collaboration. As a supporter of play to earn games, Exnetwork will be growing and building the VOID community through their marketing initiatives. Void has a strong foundation and we look forward to this growing community together. Exponential growth is definitely the path for Void due to the unique concept, thought and technology behind the project.

We’re Building The World’s First Holistic NFT Game

Powered by Solana, VOID is making the world’s first NFT holistic multiplayer online game with a strong focus on personalizing your character, fighting solo, or in small teams on battlegrounds. Void brings in multiple opportunities and choices for the play as they can choose their own path such as a fight, host, spectator or cast. Aside from different characters, there are three different worlds and arenas that players can experience. It has a range of characters to start the game and each character’s gear could be customized using NFTs to make each player unique. There are multiple ways for players to earn in VOID, they can compete against other players, complete challenges and quests as well as staking and hosting battles in the arena.

Aside from this, Void boasts of its cutting edge technology foundation. Starting with Unreal Engine 5, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool. It is also built on the SOLANA blockchain, Serum is the decentralized exchange for the VOID marketplace.

Get the latest news and updates from Void by following these channels :

Website: https://www.void.games/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/void_dot_games

Medium: https://void-dot-games.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/voidcommunitychat

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rzfe6k39aU

About Exnetwork Capital

Exnetwork Capital is a crypto fund and incubator composed of an exclusive and experienced group of investors, builders, traders, and influencers mandated in promoting and raising funds for crypto projects in the Crypto industry to guarantee their spot in the mainstream.

Exnetwork has been a leader in the space since 2018. Their portfolio companies include FTX Exchange, Orion Protocol, Thorchain, Celsius, Serum, and Polkadot. They have been early investors in Gamefi projects as well such as Star Atlas, My Neighbor Alice, MistNFT and many more

Website: http://exnetworkcapital.com/

Medium: https://medium.com/exnetwork/

Telegram: https://t.me/exnetworkpublic



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