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Infinite Launch: Skyrocketing Projects with a Dynamic Fundraising Platform

Launchpads are the backbones that support the blockchain economy by opening up fundraising opportunities for upcoming projects and dApps. Without them, projects lack both the financial and instrumental support they need to get their dApps to take off.

But not all launchpads are developed equal. To create a successful reputation with project developers and potential investors, a launchpad must screen its fundraising campaigns to weed out hyped-out projects from those that have the highest prospects to make it into the cryptoverse.

With the $ILA token going on public sale soon, let’s dive into this Infinite Launch, and why projects and investors are lining up to get ahead in this cross-chain fundraising platform.

Launchpads aren’t Taking Off

The crypto landscape has embraced launchpads, as these fundraising platforms are creating visibility for hidden gems of projects that would otherwise lack the funding to kick off operations. Current launchpads aren’t satisfactory for the market.

Oftentimes, the level of support that projects gain diminish after launching, leaving stakeholders scrambling to plan out their next move.

DEFI: DeFi projects gain a hype during the start of the IDO, but afterwards, they often are faced with a token dump after prices skyrocket with the lack of dedicated investors.

MASS USERS: Launchpads typically promote projects that are limited to one blockchain, and even with hand-picked application screening, serious token holders encounter difficulties in getting whitelisted in projects as they set out to diversify their financial assets.

As a result, mass users with limited funding are excluded from IDO fundraisers, causing a shift in the gap between mass users and whale holders.

WHALE HOLDERS: Whales, too, are constantly presented with projects in their earliest stage, making it difficult for holders to graps on a concrete product to solidify their investment decision.

The main problem? There is no mechanism that filters hype investors from serious investors, leading to an imbalance in project funding. Even as a dedicated investor, you have slim chances of getting whitelisted compared to hype investors!

Grab a Seat for the Infinite Launch

Then, what does it matter which launchpads secure investments? For one, launchpads are meant to give opportunities to serious retail investors, who don’t have the same financial capacities as institutional investors, to enter favourable IDOs. In the purpose of crypto, accessibility plays a huge role in creating a decentralized economy.

Hence, Infinite Launch was conceptualized to fill the gaps in the current launchpad lineup that are currently facing exclusivity and support issues around DeFi. Infinite Launch is bringing projects to life in their cross-chain launchpad that aims to solve all the major issues surrounding the current launchpad environment.

There are two main factors that determine the viability of a launchpad for investors: Access to Projects, and Return on Investment (ROI). Infinite Launch disrupts the usual launchpad formula to bring a platform that benefits both user-investors and project development teams. Their groundbreaking layout puts them above the usual launchpad, taking off with innovative features.

Gain Full Access to Cross-chain Projects

Solving limitations of launchpads promoting projects limited to a single chain, Infinite Launch welcomes GameFi, DeFi, and NFT projects built on several blockchains using their integrated cross-chain gateway.

The cross-chain gateway makes projects accessible to interested investors, optimizing the platform to diversify portfolios across multiple chains. Infinite Launch allows users to view top-performing projects all across the cryptoverse in just a single platform, putting accessibility on the forefront of their operations.

Projects ordinarily come across difficulties in finding reputable launchpads to host their IDO, so projects benefit from the cross-chain gateway as well, since Infinite Launch opens up to promising projects regardless of chain.

Infinite Launch innately checks off access to projects; and not just any projects — the platform implements thorough screening to ensure only up-and-coming projects make it to IDO on their platform.

Grow your Investments with Revolutionary Innovations

With every investment into a project, holders tend to manage their expectations on ROI. Afterall, investing doesn’t guarantee high returns. Infinite Launch integrates revolutionary innovations into their platform to ensure the highest chance of success for IDOs and investors.

Unique Token Commit & Extended Vesting for Listed Projects

One of the issues retail investors encounter when it comes to investing in a new project is the need to purchase a specific number of launchpad tokens for a chance at an allocation to fund the project.

This limitation creates a disparity in the investor pool, as launchpads lean towards investors holding a higher amount of tokens, pushing out small-time investors and regular users.

With the unique token-commit and extended vesting innovation in Infinite Launch, users who don’t hold $ILA can get guaranteed allocations through the token-commit, vesting tokens longer than the project’s vesting schedule. Finally, a spotlight on dedicated investors!

These users gain opportunities to grow their portfolios, while projects gain considerable long-term holders who are serious in supporting their project. It’s a win-win situation!

Strategic Tier-ranking System for Token and NFT Holders

To further accessibility to different tiers of investors, the platform designed a tier-ranking system that offers community members outstanding rewards that include slots during whitelisting for upcoming IDO launches, exclusive pools, and airdrops.

Tiers start at a minimum of 20,000 ILA for Bronze, going all the way to Platinum users holding 500,000 ILA. The ranking system determines how serious of an investor a user is — for the best chance at connecting projects and long-term investors!

Integrated Cross-chain Gateway

As mentioned before, the cross-chain applications of the platform adds to its value in a revolutionary bridging of projects built on different blockchains.

Infinite Launch connects interested investors with industry-disruptive projects that show concrete fundamentals, tangible products, and optimally laid-out plans. Token holders can choose to fund and invest in projects that meet their criteria for success, regardless of blockchain, as the platform weeds out hyped up IDOs, and disconcerting projects.

INO and NFT Marketplace

Adding to their valuation is their NFT Marketplace built right into the platform! Infinite Launch provides opportunities for creators to profit from their collections, and bring financial offer privileges to tiered users.

The platform currently hosts their own collection of NFTs, Bony Bastards, but draws in renowned NFT creators and game titles to bring their works to the NFT Marketplace! GameFi projects can start their fundraising through the NFT Marketplace, auctioning off in-game items, characters, and game graphics to fund their projects.

The ILA Token

While users under the token-commit and vesting schedule need no tokens for a slot in IDOs, the $ILA token powers up several functions around the platform.

GAMEFI: In-game characters, items, utilities and equipment for upcoming and local game titles can be purchased in Infinite Launch. $ILA will be used as a utility token, and to increase tier ranking for allocations in IDO launches.

GOVERNANCE: $ILA token holders gain the rights to vote on major decisions around the platform in the name of decentralization. Prospective projects, features, and developments can be decided upon by the community.

STAKING: Staking $ILA can earn users rewards, and strengthens their stance in governance during voting.

LIQUIDITY MINING: Liquidity providers contributing to the Infinite Launch pools receive rewards in the form of $ILA.

NFT CLUB MEMBERSHIP: As part of the well-designed tier-ranking system, $ILA holders have the privilege to gain early access to NFT drops from renowned creators, getting the chance to grab these NFTs to add to their collection.

DEFLATIONARY FUNCTION: To keep the token increasing in value over time, 1% of $ILA in every transaction will be burned, and 2% will go to the NFT pool. The deflationary function ensures that $ILA will continue to surge in value due to limited availability.


The $ILA token is going on its public sale soon, and investors are already lining up to get allocations for this launchpad. A total of 10M ILA will be available for public sale from 22nd Nov to 30th Nov 2021. Holders of their Bony Bastards NFTs will get first dibs in the public sale, until the token has sold 75% of the allocation. Details are as follows:

$ILA Public Sale Details:

  • Public sale contributions will be taken in BUSD
  • Individual minimum = $10 | Individual maximum = $300.
  • Individual maximum for non-NFT holders = $100
  • Public Sale Release Schedule: 100% on TGE

Competing with the Pioneers

PAID Ignition

One of the most popular fundraising platforms to date, the Ignition launchpad has been launching projects with much success with a focus on screening projects that have the maximum potential to grow their community. Developed by PAID Network, the launchpad joins the pioneers of crypto in

However, getting guaranteed allocation in Ignition requires users to hold a certain minimum amount of $PAID tokens at tiered levels. This mechanism barrs retail investors as more substantial investors Hunger Games their way to rising projects.

Qube Launchpad

Qube Launchpad is a multi-chain fundraising platform that aims to simplify the allocation process to make promising project IDOs accessible to all tiers of investors. However, users are required to hold $QUBE tokens, making it difficult for new and retail users to get into the platform.

A user will need a minimum of USD100 worth of QUBE to get a 100% guaranteed allocation, and even then, the allocation is limited to one of the three projects launching in the platform. Unfortunately, this mechanism continues to barr serious but impecunious investors.

The Red Kite Launchpad

Like most launchpads, The Red Kite aims to diminish scams from participating in their project IDOs. The platform focuses on connecting promising projects with steadfast investors, and promoting project visibility through partnerships with influencers and marketing campaigns.

Compared to Infinite Launch, The Red Kite delves into a different direction as it revolves more around getting project visibility and marketing than guaranteeing whitelist slots for true investors.

Infinite Launch has a whole array of competitors to beat, but what makes the platform stand out from other launchpads is how they recognize and aim to provide inventive solutions to the issue surrounding fundraising platforms. They are the first launchpad to guarantee allocations in IDOs to dedicated investors, without needing to hold platform tokens.

Launching in 3, 2, 1!

Infinite Launch reinforces its position against its competitors with a keen eye on fundamentals rather than hype. The platform is not just presenting innovative projects in its lineup for fundraising, it connects prospective projects with serious investors — leading to a growth in the overall market economy.

As its name suggests, Infinite Launch is skyrocketing projects to success! By focusing on committed investors instead of token hold, the platform ensures projects launching off their system get the support they need while stakeholders are guaranteed slots for the projects they wholeheartedly believe in. This is one launchpad that’s blasting off to infinity and beyond!

Check out their official channels:

Website: https://infinitelaunch.io/

Medium: https://infinitelaunch.medium.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/infinitelaunch

Telegram: http://t.me/InfiniteLaunch

Discord: http://discord.gg/infinitelaunch

About Exnetwork Capital

Exnetwork Capital is a crypto fund and incubator composed of an exclusive and experienced group of investors, builders, traders, and influencers mandated in promoting and raising funds for crypto projects in the Crypto industry to guarantee their spot in the mainstream.

Exnetwork has been a leader in the space since 2018. Their portfolio companies include FTX Exchange, Orion Protocol, Thorchain, Celsius, Serum, and Polkadot. They have been early investors in Gamefi projects as well such as Star Atlas, My Neighbor Alice, MistNFT and many more

Website: http://exnetworkcapital.com/

Medium: https://medium.com/exnetwork/

Telegram: https://t.me/exnetworkpublic



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