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Meland.ai: Learn and Earn in this Decentralized Gamification Platform

As humans, we are naturally inquisitive, and knowledge-sharing is what built the modern society. Our collective epistemic curiosity helped us survive as we advanced from simple tools to the technological devices we know today. As a race, we were born to crave knowledge.

Which is why when massive gamified knowledge content app Meland.ai released their quizzing platform, they shook the decentralized gaming industry with a play-to-earn trivia and creator app that appeals to the crypto savants!

Knowledge-sharing is a Passion

If you’ve ever asked anyone about their expertise, you’d know that we humans love to talk about our passions as part of the knowledge-sharing process. Our natural algorithm was designed to keep us entertained with facts and trivia, as well as build a sense of community when sharing knowledge with one another.

Meland builds up on the idea of natural human curiosity to create a groundbreaking platform that encourages learning and creativity within its community. Explore the new world of Meland, built to regale strategy-loving players with a penchant for knowledge-sharing! Create your perfect world in Meland.ai as you battle your wits through complex quizzes and casual trivia while building your community of unlikely friends!


Meland puts a twist in the usual play-to-earn games. The platform offers infinite learning opportunities to encourage their vast community of players to earn while they learn. Rewards are given to players in the form of Ditamins, or Digital Vitamins, each time they answer a quiz question correctly.

Expand your territory by answering trivia correctly, and attack your neighbouring plots to claim more land! Your goal is to conquer as much land as you can, and show off your cleverness as you set up to become the next mental giant in the platform!

The longer you play, the more you earn — Meland offers multiple earning opportunities for players to gain active and passive income just from playing the game:

CONQUER LANDS: Attack enemy territories with a Looter NFT to earn more during each challenge, and defend your owned land with a Sentry NFT to protect your assets from worthy rivals! Gain more land, gain more rewards — so quiz your way to the top for more Ditamins, and beat your competition!

With a Building equipped on your land, you increase your HP and defense for the plot. But don’t worry, other challengers can conquer your land, but your assets will be safe and secure under your ownership!

MISSIONS: Participate and fulfill missions in the Official Area to gain daily rewards in the form of Ditamins, and level up!

CREATE QUIZZES AND GAMES: Become a creator and earn through monetization on your created quizzes, games, and other works. Unleash your imagination, and create a world never-before seen on the platform!

Create valued works, and set an entry price for other users to gain access to your inner world. Add value to the community with your creations to gain additional rewards within the platform! Share your knowledge through your quiz creations, and find your niche audience that appreciates your works.

SELL NFT ASSETS: Upgrading NFTs? Sell your rare and exclusive NFT assets for the ultimate earning opportunities within the game! Auction off your land, sell your game assets, or barter with in-game materials to make the most of your play-to-earn profitability.

Play, Learn, Create

Immerse in a quizzing universe where creativity is the key to earning, and challenge yourself with brain-teasing trivia to gain rewards. Be your own creator and earn from your in-game items, curated quizzes, and NFT sales!

Play: Build your Assets

They say teamwork makes the dream work, and that can’t be more fitting for Meland where the platform encourages community-building, and friendly competition within the app. Build up your assets, and gather as much land as you can conquer to unleash your inner intellect!

Almost everything is an asset, from quizzes to lands, and even works by other players; but there are two main types of assets in-game: ones that Affect In-game Numerical Value (AINV), and ones that do Not Affect In-game Numerical Value (NAINV).


  • Buildings
  • Materials
  • Ticket Land — minted using Ditamins!
  • VIP Land — plots that can’t be conquered! Live in harmony when you secure your plot with a building, and get away from the battlegrounds!


  • Skins

Looking to purchase these assets? Head over to the Meland marketplace store for official NFTs, or deal with collectors in a Meland marketplace listing or a Third-party NFT market for your asset needs. In this decentralized universe, you decide your best option!

Learn: Challenge yourself with Brain-teasers

Learning has never been more rewarding. With trivia topics catered to an unlimited variety of categories, you’ll never get bored with quizzing yourself from genres ranging from pop culture, movies and games, to niche topics like oceanics or history. In Meland, there’s a place for every topic and interest!

You’ll need to own at least one plot of a 1000*1000 land (Ticket or VIP) to participate in the battle of lands. Compete against other players to expand your reign, and place NFT items on your plots for extra Ditamins! Gain stronger knowledge to conquer more challenges, but take note of your daily energy levels to keep quizzing.

Create: Become a Creator

With NFTs on the rise, Meland isn’t falling behind on the profitability of these digital assets as they offer users to become creators through their intuitive editor. The philosophy behind the concept is simple: allow users to unleash their creativity.

Implementation, however, is a different story. The Meland team had longed to build a platform special for their users. The intuitive editor is the brainchild of the team members who are avid users of creator games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Dreams. Now, they bring the power to create to their users, unleashing imagination and creativity within the community.

This feature follows the three basic principles considered to keep the game accessible and fun: easy for everyone, wide range of works, and high ceiling that creates complex works with a visualized coding mechanism developed within the platform!

Connect your Community

Build your community of gaming enthusiasts and build not only creations, but meaningful relationships as well! Find like-minded communities with the same interests, or see the world through the eyes of opposing forces. Form a team, create strategies, and connect with your community as you set sail for a new adventure into the Metaverse!

Take your friends along on an adventure through the multiplayer feature, or have your family game day within the virtual space. Challenge each other on varied quizzes in the Official Area, and have fun with taxing brain-teasers that will surely make trivia nights exciting!

Trivia your Way to Tokens

When you earn rewards in-game, you get Ditamins — the main in-game currency. But the platform isn’t complete without its crypto token, represented by its ticker $MELD. The Meland token can be earned through exchanges with a user’s earned Ditamins.

A daily exchange rate will be computed each day, and users can exchange their Ditamins once the market opens at a limit of 100,000 total Ditamins/day, or 25 Ditamins per user per day.


IDO Sale

Exciting news to all investors and crypto enthusiasts: $MELD is coming up with an IDO soon! The token will be available starting 06 December 2021 in three major launchpads: BSC Station, BinStarter, and Poolz! Details are as follows:


BLOCKCHAIN: ERC-20 (Game on Polygon)

IDO PRICE : $0.007


BSC STATION: 06 December 2021; 4AM UTC

BIN STARTER: 06 December 2021; 4PM UTC

POOLZ: 07 December 2021; 10AM UTC

Quizzing the Competition

Mimir Quiz

Mimir Quiz is a contender in the Xaya Network with a similar trivia and quizzing concept. Called the World’s First Quiz Game on Blockchain, the platform uses its native token $MIMIR to distribute rewards and incentives within the app, earned through challenges, tournaments, and community participation.

However, the app does not have the creator function of Meland as Mimir Quiz focuses on their quiz and trivia game features. While users in Mimir Quiz can open their created trivia tournaments to players all over the world, Meland encourages the innovation of their users through their intuitive editor.

Quiz Drop

With a name like Quiz Drop, you can expect the Binance and Polygon platform to host learning opportunities for the clever and the skillful. Each round, the Quiz Drop team would publish their own crypto-themed trivia games, and correct answers earn Qdrop tokens in the process following the learn-to-earn system.

Unlike Meland, Quiz Drop does not have the community-building feature that allows users to create their own works, build a world of their own, or post their own quizzes. The platform focuses mainly on crypto and blockchain topics ranging from novice to expert.

Bright Spark in DeGaming

The crypto landscape is open for opportunities in learning and strategy games, with more users getting into decentralized, and profitable games where playing can earn you big rewards. Gameplay may be competitive, but the market is even more cutthroat with new projects popping up everyday.

Meland provides not only a gaming platform, but a refreshing twist on the usual decentralized gaming apps with their quiz games and intuitive editor features. Immerse in the trivia-filled landscape of Meland, where you can build your perfect world, and match with players that share your interests! When you can be anyone, why not be your own creator in the world of Meland?

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