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Registering with EXNT.IO : Step by Step Guide

Hey Exnetworkers, now that the sale has concluded, we are introducing our EXNT.IO Dashboard and Exnetwork Bot. Both will be used to manage members for each tier. So far, those that have at least 150,000 EXNT in their wallet will be added to Tier 2 group while those with at least 50,000 EXNT will be added to Tier 3 Group.


  1. Browser with Metamask Extension (Brave or Chrome)
  2. Wallet with $EXNT balance
  3. Must whitelist @ exnetworkbot on telegram

Registering on EXNT.IO

  1. Sign Up on the landing page — https://exnt.io
  1. Verify your account on your email (email will
    no-reply@exnt.io). Clink the “link”. Login with your credentials afterwards back at exnt.io
  2. After logging in, go to the top right corner of the screen and click on your Account
  3. In the dropdown in the upper right corner, click on + Account

4. Click Connect account and choose Telegram

5. Enter your Telegram Username (e.g. @johnsnow) and a code will pop up. Copy the code.

6. Go to telegram and message @ExNetworkBot

7. Click “Accounts” then click on “Verify Account”

8. Enter your registered email and the code from exnt.io dashboard afterwards

9.You should see your telegram account connected

Connecting your Ethereum Wallet

  1. Go to https://exnt.io
  2. In the dropdown in the upper right corner, click on + Account
  3. Click on Connect Account and select Ethereum

4. Click Connect with Metamask

5. Click Sign when the Metamask Prompt Appears

How to get to the inner investing Tiers

  1. Buy EXNT at uniswap: https://uniswap.info/token/0xd6c67b93a7b248df608a653d82a100556144c5da
  2. Send EXNT to the wallet your linked to your account at https://exnt.io
  3. After a few minutes, our bot will private message you when you qualify.
  4. Here are the requirement of each tier:
    Tier 1 — are the top 15 stakers of EXNT (to be activated on September 8 , 2020)
    Tier 2 — are those who stake 150,000 EXNTs at least
    Tier 3 — those who stake 50,000 EXNTs at least.
    Tier 4 — are those that stake 5,000 EXNTs at least. (to be activated on September 7 , 2020)
  5. If you unstake and go below the required EXNT, you get kicked out by the bot.

We will be refining the flow over time. See you inside the Exnetwork community soon!



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